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simon levy has a passion for wood

For the past fourteen years, Simon Levy has been making one of a kind lathe-turned wood vessels and objects that invite the viewer to come come closer, explore and enjoy.


Super Nova, boxelder, engraving, pyrography, pigment
16″ H x 16″ W x 2″ D

Lost & Found, boxelder, pyrography, carving
10 1/2″ H x 4 3/4″ W x 4 3/4″ D

Prior to this, Levy was an art director in the recording industry for twenty years.  Now he spends days in his own studio in Tennessee, first turning the vessels in his woodworking shop, then moving the vessels to his art studio where he applies pyrography (wood burning), low-relief engraving, pigments and drawings to the work.  The details are stunning.

Whiskers, boxelder, engraving, pyrography, pigment, natural bristle
13″ H x 8 3/4″ W x 7 1/2 ” D

Omo, Boxelder, Oak, metal, pyrography
8 3/8″ H x 8 3/4″ W x 5 1/2″ D

“Trees are kindred spirits, we are commonly connected by the universal essence of Nature. My work is a tactile and visual expression created in wood, it represents a deeply personal sense of respect, rhythm and resolve.” Simon Levy


kimberly willcox’s transformation and a damuse giveaway

Kimberly Willcox is no stranger to transformation.  An artist who creates three dimensional objects from reclaimed materials, she skillfully transforms the discarded into the collected.

Several years ago, after a devastating hurricane and a drawn out professional crisis threatened to destroy her career, Willcox also reinvented herself and began making the one of a kind sculptures she is known for today.

Group of Story Poles, recycled materials
Small 32”-45” Medium 42”-52” Large 50”-60”

“I thought of the splintered cypress staves as a metaphor for the destruction and chaos caused by natural disaster. I was at once consumed with the idea of transforming the metaphor from one of sadness to one of rebirth and resurrection. The weathered pieces of wood have now grown into kinetically alive figures that tell their story of renewal.”

Heart of Gold, from the Staves series
cypress, bronze, stone, steel, brass, 28″ x 8″ x 8″

The Stave sculptures pictured here were created from 72 wooden staves that were once the barrel of a water tower on her property, destroyed by Hurricane Frances.  Willcox describes them as “kinetically alive figures that tell their story of renewal”.

Hello Girl, from the Staves series
cypress, bronze, steel, 22” X  32” X 8”

Ironically, Willcox now shares a common history with her figures. Last month the artist’s studio sustained massive damage in an electrical fire.  I read about the fire and through a Facebook contact I was able to get in touch with Kimberly to see if there was a way we could help. Speaking to her it became clear that she has a strong will, the spirit of a warrior and a powerful drive to make art. Please visit her website to see more of the Staves sculptures and many other portfolios.

Kimberly Willcox in her booth at Ann Arbor, Michigan, before news of the fire

When we spoke, she shared the upside of this latest challenge: her sculptures were spared because she was at a show in Ann Arbor when the fire tore through the Florida studio – she had most of her inventory with her. She also told me that no matter what happens, her creativity can never be taken from her –  not by a hurricane, not by the hand of unscrupulous business people and not by a fire. Strong woman. Wonderful artist.  Powerful spirit.

daMuse Giveaway

I’m giving away $150.00 worth of books to one person. Keep reading to find out how to enter this giveaway…

Insurance will only cover a fraction of the cost to replace the machines and tools Willcox and partner (in life and art) Kevin Nordhausen lost in the fire.

You can help.  Make a donation (click here) to help Kimberly replace some of her machines and tools so that she can get back to work.

In July, an electrical fire destroyed Willcox’s Florida studio

After you make a donation toward Kimberly’s machines and tools (right here), come back and leave a comment on this post to let me know that you made a donation. That’s all you have to do to enter this giveaway.

You can find a list of the books in the giveaway package here.

The comments on this post will remain open until Sunday, August 22, 2010 at Midnight (EST). I will use a random number generator to pick a winner and I will announce the winner on Monday, August 23, 2010.

Give $5 if that’s all you have.  Give more if you can.  Every little bit helps.  Spread the word.  Share this post on your Facebook page, add a link to it on your blog, email the post to your friends.  Together we can help get Kimberly back to work making art.

Beep, Beep, cypress, bronze, steel, 31″ X 23″ X  8”

Donate HERE
List of books in giveaway package HERE

george peterson: recycled skateboard sculpture

Self-taught sculptor George Peterson is a lifelong skateboarder. In Peterson’s most recent Lingo series he carves, burns and paints discarded skateboards, transforming the modern icon into primitive shield-like sculptures.  I was struck by the way a grouping of boards can make a powerful statement on a wall.


Lingo, reclaimed skateboards, carved, painted, waxed

Lingo,  reclaimed skateboards, carved, painted, waxed

Lingo, reclaimed skateboards, carved, painted, waxed

As I’ve mentioned before on DAM, every now and then when I first come across an artist’s work through thumbnail images my perception of the work is entirely different than the reality. This was the case with Peterson’s skateboards. At first glance I assumed I was looking at brooches and then quickly realized they were sculptures. I like the idea of translating these primitive shapes and designs into jewelry.

Lingo,  reclaimed skateboards, carved, painted, waxed

The Lingo series is Peterson’s first attempt at using all recycled wood. Most of his sculpts, like Moonrise (seen below), are created from whole logs using chainsaws, hammers, chisels and fire axes.


For me, the adventure and challenge of sculpting lies in focusing on the natural tension and drama I find in the wood, and in contrasting and complimenting that drama with my expressive mark as an artist. I channel a lot of destructive energy into my art. George Peterson


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