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garry greenwood: why not leather?

Before his death in 2005, Garry Greenwood worked almost exclusively with leather, creating sculptures of shoes, ocarinas, masks and full scale musical instruments that work.  The Grainger Museum of the University of Melbourne, Australia is one of several museums that acquired Greenwood’s work for their permanent collection. The cowhide sculptures – wet formed, laminated and carved – are sleek structures with subtle curves and interesting, beautifully defined details.



Raptor, 2000, wetformed, laminated, carved cowhide, ostrich skin covering


Little Dragon Bassoon, 2001, laminated and carved cowhide


Dragon Bassoon, 2001, laminated and carved cowhide

When asked why he worked with leather, Greenwood replied, “Why not leather?”  He believed that leather is one of the most “unexplored mediums in the arts.” Read more about Garry Greenwood and his process here and you can listen to his instruments here.


Mobile Sole, 2000, wet formed, laminated and carved cowhide


Spurred Boot


Pocopods, ocarinas, cowhide, modified piano keys


alison swan: shoes, spoons and other vessels

Alison Swan‘s porcelain shoes reflect her love of discarded and found objects that have developed rich patinas only achieved by age or wear.  Swan explains, “The worn, scarred or damaged surfaces of such objects bear testament to their use and give rise to imagined histories.”

There is something about shoes that I find endearing which might seem odd since I don’t like to wear them; I don’t like to buy them; I kinda don’t like shoes as an article of clothing at all.  However, shoes-as-art make my heart race just a little. Shoes carry our bodies – our bodies carry our creative spirit; vessels within a vessel, moving us along this fascinating journey.  THIS I can relate to.   More daMuse posts about  shoe-art here.




Swan also crafts more traditional vessels – I was particularly drawn to the spoons made from twigs and porcelain.  More here.



bernadette deddens is building character

Bernadette Deddens thinks that her collection of fashion accessories build character. She “perceives the fashion accessory as a tool to communicate identity and as a prop that can subtly influence our behaviour.”  The 2006 graduate of the Royal College of art believes that her accessories add small-scale drama to daily life.  That’s good.  I don’t need large-scale drama.  Been there. Done that.

This choker, featuring a “tile” that looks like a piece of linoleum flooring, unfolds into a full length necklace.

Floor Necklace closed

Floor Necklace open

Interesting concept, right?  Here’s another from the young designer – the silicone rubber sandal and shoe below were made with help from a cake icing syringe!

Watch her make a sandal in this video clip. Young and innovative is always a winning combination – two other favorites from the collection are the Notebook Bag and the almost-hysterical Vickey had a hickey love-bite device.

Come back later for more unusual uses of a plastic material.

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