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peter beard: wax resist on ceramic forms

Peter Beard works with a variety of materials including metal and stone, but the shapes and glazes he uses to create ceramic sculptures are what really compelled me to learn more about the artist and his process.


Beard limits the number of forms he works with, focusing much of his attention instead on patterns and layers of color. He uses wax reliefs to create texture, masking parts of the surface over and over to build layers of pattern.






“My ceramic work usually uses techniques of layering glaze and painting patterns with wax between the layers of glaze, the wax acting as a resist for the next layer. This is a long and meticulous process which creates complex patterns and textures within the glazes which are then fired to stoneware temperatures.”


Peter Beard’s website

For more information about his process and to see pictures of the artist at work, read this article on Homes and Antiques.

christine kaiser’s fairytales of the modern world

Looking at Christine Kaiser’s work (at the ACC show) I somehow felt like I was getting a glimpse of the artist’s psyche and imagination road map.

Let Go
8″ x 7.25″ x 3″
painted wood, pencil drawing graphite, lid of antique cigar box

Each of the sculptures begins as a plank of Basswood or Poplar that is cut, stacked, shaped and carved using a bandsaw, rotary tool and sander.

New Dress
6″ x 3.5″ x 2″
painted wood, graphite, pencil drawing

Kaiser then paints the wood shapes, adding elements of mixed media and the final touch –  simple graphite drawings that tug at some familiar feeling held inside long ago.

Fly Away

“Part of their charm is the tension between sweet and not so sweet. I use elements of cartoons, animation stills, dreams , and other references to weave my stories. To root the pieces in the world I use a fairly classical visual aesthetic.” Christine Kaiser

Don’t Tell
9″ x 6.75″ x 2.25″
painted wood, pencil drawing, wire, graphite, antique cigar box bottom

It’s Just Like Going To Sleep

See more of Kaiser’s sculptures here.
Read an article about the artist here (and learn about the kind of art she made early on in her career).

angela cunningham’s sculpture: seductive or grotesque? both.

I’m here in Washington DC, about to meet with the artists to set my schedule for the next several weeks.


While I’m getting acclimated, ponder how Angela Cunningham’s ceramic sculpture makes you feel. Is it seductive? Grotesque? Does it draw you in? Push you away? She hopes it does both. Cunningham, an up and coming, internationally exhibited artist, is one to watch.


Bloom, detail


Spiky Nesting Set


“I make objects that beg to be touched. Through exquisite detailing, seductive surfaces, and provocative imagery, my pieces draw viewers near, desiring to caress and explore. As much as I want to seduce, though, I equally want to push away. The beauty of the object is often tempered by bits of the grotesque.” From Angela Cunningham’s artist statement on the Clay Art Center’s website.

To find out why school detention can sometimes be a good thing, read the Massachusetts artist’s story here.

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