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victoria altepeter’s nebulae: a star is born

The massive, dense clouds of gas and dust in space that make up a nebula is the place where stars are born. Using silver, shibuichi, bronze, copper, nickel, red brass and stalactite slices, metalsmith Victoria Altepeter interprets this special place in our universe with her new series Nebulae.





Altepeter, currently the resident artist at Arrowmont (read about her experience here), creates sculpture for the wall and jewelry inspired by the universe and it’s vastness. As I looked at each piece I realized that I wasn’t sure which ones were the larger wallpieces and which were brooches – I love when that happens. I didn’t add descriptions on purpose today. Can you tell which of these are for the wall and which are adornments for the body?





The combination of polymer clay and metal is becoming popular as a mixed media option. Polymer clay artist Judy Belcher tapped Altepeter to create a collaborative piece for the invitational exhibition Exploring Connections – part of the upcoming Synergy2 conference in Baltimore later this month – I can’t wait to see this in person at the conference.

Victoria Altepeter lives in that special place in the universe – the place where stars are born.  Hot stuff!

Find more photos like this on crafthaus

More from Altepeter on Flickr.

synergy2: the time is right!

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Enjoy a little commercial break while I prepare today’s post.  I will be at the Synergy conference in February 2010 and hope to see DAM readers there.  Let me know if you are going – I would love to meet you!

Check back this afternoon for your daily dose of inspiration. Thanks to Seth Savarick for this beautifully crafted teaser (can’t believe how perfectly matched the music is – really builds the excitement).


carolyn tillie: silver and polymer clay desserts

What happens when you mix an MFA in metals, certification as a Master Chef, more than a decade of writing professionally for the food and wine industry, and a whimsical sense of food and art? Carolyn Tillie’s Just Desserts, a treasure trove for foodies and almost as good as the real thing.

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Box of Macaroons Bracelet
Hand fabricated sterling silver, polymer clay


Nine Tartlet Brooch
Hand crafted sterling silver, polymer clay


5 Tarlet Pendant
Hand-forged sterling silver, polymer clay, sterling silver cable

Tillie combines her metal work with polymer clay desserts from Doll House Collectables, framing the miniature pastries in hand fabricated sterling silver and gold. Sweet. There is also a bento box collection that mixes Tillie’s craftsmanship with collectible Gashapan.

Etsy shop here.

You can find Tillie on Artful Home.

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