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alice r. ballard pods

Alice R. Ballard’s ceramic pods are just the soothing influence I need this morning. Like so many of us, the South Carolina native draws inspiration from perhaps the greatest muse of all: Mother Nature. Ballard describes her artistic process as a “Zen-like connection not unlike a meditation”. Yes, this.



Alice R. Ballard, Ceramic Pods, 2008-2009



To be more specific, it is often the metamorphosis of Nature’s forms, as they change from season to season, that attracts me. I am endlessly drawn to that universal world in which differing life forms share similar qualities. Tulip bulbs and the human form for example share many of the same sensual qualities.


A Selection of  2009 Pods,  each 12″ high x 10″ wide


Wall Installation, Pods

To see a range of work from Alice (Small Work, Totems and White Work are also spectacular), click on her Gallery  Showcase link and then the Alice Ballard Studio Gallery link.  A bit confusing, but well worth the treasures that are hiding there!

Alice Ballard’s website

Hope you have a serene, contemplative day.

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