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carol gwizdak: precious pods

Carol Gwizdak’s porcelain pods, real seed heads and sterling silver come together with an other-worldly elegance that demands attention and thought.  What is precious?  Gwizdak’s jewelry “invites you to care and in doing so forces you to question what is and what we perceive as precious, reinstating nature in its purest form as the most precious of all commodities.”



Pod Bangle, silver, steel wire, porcelain cast pods, glass beads


Hyacinth Ring, seed head, silver, porcelain plinth


Two Pods Ring, porcelain, silver


Oxidized silver, seed head, silver, porcelain plinth



Multi Pod Ring, silver, porcelain pods


Oxidized silver, seed head, porcelain plinth


I question the values of contemporary society and our inclination towards self-interest, material worth and ostentation. We become preoccupied with the quest for possession, and in so doing we overlook the simple pleasures of life.


tania patterson and more new zealand jewelry artists

Quoil Contemporary Jewellery Gallery in Wellington, New Zealand showcases the work of seventy artists, including Pod Necklaces and Leaf Brooches by Auckland based Tania Patterson. Patterson favors making jewelry that you can interact with as wearer or viewer and many of the sterling silver pieces have moving parts and mechanisms.

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[private_archives]The pop of color, soft curving lines, and smooth of the metal all appeal to me, but it is the tiny hinge mechanism on each pod that makes my heart race just a little – a clue that there is a treasure waiting inside to wonder about, explore and enjoy.


Pod Pendant



Large Pod Pendant open and closed



Bean Pod Pendant

Pieces with handles to wind, wheels to turn or buds to open. I like designing and making work with another dimension to it – an element of surprise, the unexpected.



Pohutukawa Leaf Brooch

Equally appealing are Patterson’s leaf brooches – complete with insect holes and signs of decay.


more pods from dustin and getting noticed

I don’t remember seeing this trio of polymer clay necklaces from Kathleen Dustin’s Pod Series the last time I posted about her work.  The images might have been on her website when I wrote the previous post, but on that day the other pieces may have resonated more with me.

That’s not unusual –  my posts often reflect my mood, my current interest in shape, textures, pattern or materials, trends I notice or a variety of other influences.


Winter Seeds, polymer clay, sterling silver

Every day I look at dozens of artist and gallery websites, online gallery postings, forum postings and Facebook photos (not on FB yet?  Do join and send me a friend request – it is a great tool for networking).  A constant happy parade of fine craft, work on the edge of becoming fine craft, emerging artist’s beginning ventures in the world of fine craft and student’s exciting first steps as artists.


Seed Beads, polymer clay, pearls

The best way for you to catch my eye is to leave comments on this blog.  I always click through to see the websites/work of everyone who leaves a comment.  Another way to get noticed is to comment when the posts appear on Facebook, though I admit that I am more inclined to click through comments on DAMuse – if I don’t have a lot of time, DAMuse is always my first priority.  My ‘favorites’ folder has almost seven thousand links in it and that number grows every day.  I bookmark work that excites me, moves me, makes me think, makes me want to get into my studio. There is a lot of great work out there. I’m watching. Really, I am. And I’m writing as fast as I can!

Back to  Kathleen Dustin – she never disappoints as she continues to lead the way for all polymer clay artists. These pods are exquisite, don’t you agree?


Pink Seed Pod, polymer clay, turquoise, sterling silver


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