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cindy silas on the web

I met polymer clay/pmc artist Cindy Silas at Synergy – she was told that there was someone else ‘pushing polymer’ through metal and that we should meet.  Of course my metal was a store-bought bracelet blank.  Silas’ metal was fine silver.  Fine silver that she fabricated.  Different league.  Maybe even a league of its own.

Promenade, Cindy Silas 2008, fine silver, polymer clay

Her work is elegant, refined, warm, welcoming.  Back in February her website was just a page – a placeholder for the real thing.  I’m delighted that the site is now live – you can have a front row seat and watch as her gallery grows.  Congratulations on the new website Cindy!

Circles, Cindy Silas 2008, fine silver, polymer clay

Cindy Silas –  website

kathryn wardill branches out

Branches, a series of recent jewellery objects, explores branch structures in silver and glass. Branching in a new direction, this collection invents new plantlike structures, to be worn on the body.

Branches Brooches

Blue Branches

Kathryn Wardill’s PMC + Glass. Possibly the most interesting use of Precious Metal Clay that I’ve seen yet. On the website click the ‘jewelry’ tab and then click both the ‘greenery’ and ‘branches’ tabs to see all of her work with PMC and Glass. Hot stuff.

Another beautiful branch

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