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hattie sanderson’s metal clay rings

These wild rings by Hattie Sanderson are part sculpture, part jewelry – and the combination works. Sanderson  lives on a farm in Illinois that is home to corn, soybeans, cattle, hogs and a metal clay studio where the certified metal clay instructor creates one-of- a-kind jewelry.

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Somehow this busy artist finds the time to travel around the world teaching workshops (the Magnetic Pendant Focal Clasp workshop caught my eye). Look at the sketch above to see how she takes the seed of an idea and fleshes it out.

Thanks to Lorrene Baum Davis for the link.


gordon uyehara: changing direction

Gordon Uyehara’s career path is a pleasant reminder that it is never too late to change direction. Graduating college with a Bachelor of Science degree, the Hawaii native spent more than a decade working in the information technology field before he decided that he wanted to pursue a path that allowed him to fully realize his artistic expression. 

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[private_archives]A 2002 class in Silver Clay helped him find his medium and today you can see the full time jewelry artist’s work on the cover of this month’s Art Jewelry magazine.


Ancient Life, Silver Clay


Sun Garden Sanctuary 2

Now a well respected metal clay artist and teacher, Uyehara is also one of the artists experimenting with the new clays – take a look at the BronzClay finger helmet and mask pendant below.


BronzClay Mask Pendant 1.75″ tall



BronzClay Finger Helmet, front and back view

He packs a lot of detail and movement into all of his diminutive metal clay jewelry.  Want to know how he does it? Gordon Uyehara will be teaching at the Metal Clay World Conference in July. Maybe it’s time for a road trip.



katharina vones’ silicone sea creatures

During a class with Robert Dancik, he spoke about marrying the components of a piece of jewelry (or sculpture) with the appropriate connections and the possibility of using those connections to draw attention to the piece. Robert Dancik, please meet Kathy Vones.



Black Pearl Sea Urchin Necklace


Inspired by botanical and marine life, Kathy Vones uses precious metal, freshwater pearls and silicone to capture the textures and patterns of deep sea creatures.  In the Sea Urchin collection pictured here, tiny metal prongs reach around to gently hold the silicone shapes in place and the effect is magical.  The necklace above sports prongs that are bent at varying angles and the sea creatures appear to be dancing, swaying, moving…study the shadows. For a very different effect, the prongs in the necklace below are slightly curved but ‘at attention’ and the sea urchins appear to be pushing up, bursting through, reaching out.


Sea Urchin, detail


In this body of work Vones explores a rich and varied color palette, the contrast of soft rubber and hard metal and the impact of different sizes, ranging from tiny clusters to large sculptures – the metal prongs make an important appearance in all but a few of these vibrant pieces.


Sea Urchin Cluster



Sea Urchin Cluster Drop Earrings



Detail of Floral Light

Read more about Katharina Vones here.

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