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moshiko’s polymer resin and precious metals

Jewelry designers worldwide embrace a variety of plastics in their work as the material adds visual interest and resolves design challenges such as weight. Moshe Botser (aka Moshiko) is a self taught jewelry artist who has been working with synthetic polymers and precious metals for more than twenty years.

The Israeli artist gathers inspiration from nature, science and architecture. His Sculptural Rings, with interesting shapes, contours and color-filled playful designs, shout “I have arrived!” This jewelry is meant to take center stage and destined to be the star.


Bracelet, sterling silver, resin chips


Ring, sterling silver, resin


Ring or Sculpture? Sterling silver, resin


Bracelet, sterling silver, resin, hand painted surface

Polymer is the material that represents our era and as a contemporary artist I feel obliged to work with it.


sarah king: eco plastic jewelry

Sarah King uses Bioresin, a new non-toxic resin made from plant cellulose, to create hollow forms that are hand drilled and inlaid with sterling silver.  The UK based jeweler, who began her career using  gold and silver, started experimenting with the eco plastic in 2000.  She hasn’t looked back.  There is something decidedly sensual about the way the silver inlays shift the color and translucence of the white resin.





We took our first look at her carved and cast bangles back in 2006.  Going across the pond?  Take a class with the innovative King and learn how to craft your own Bioresin bangles.


rachel darbourne: green jewelry

Rachel Darbourne’s geometric spheres are made from discarded polythene sheet – better known as plastic bags.  Darbourne folds, stacks, arranges and pairs the colorful plastic with silver to make the “green” jewelry…and blue and purple and pink too. Take note of the playful way she uses silver circles to capture the discs (purple necklace) and that ring – oh, that ring!  Clever.







Darbourne’s full line is here:

Gallery One
Gallery Two
Gallery Three

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