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rui kikuchi + audio slideshow

Later this week: My visit to SOFA NY

Today I’m taking you along on my learning curve as I prepare for new offerings on DAM. I hope you will indulge me from time to time as I play with some of the software tools I’m testing in my effort to move things along on the site – thank you in advance for your patience!

Here’s a brief audio slide show of Rui Kikuchi’s work (5 images, 35 seconds). If you have difficulty with the audio please let me know – I’m still working on the sound quality. Feedback is always welcome.

Rue Kikuchi, Physis Pendant, steel nails, sterling silver


transforming plastic: tammaro, donald and golden

Here’s a triple treat to jump start your week! Anthony Tammaro, Mary Donald and Suzanne Golden are three of twenty seven artists with work featured later this month in Facere Gallery’s upcoming exhibit, Transmutations: Material Reborn.


Bauble-licious, angle stitching, embellishing, seed beads, acrylic beads

The exhibition, curated by Susan Kasson Sloan, celebrates the transformation of plastics into wearable art. The work is bold, innovative and thought provoking. With extensive portfolios brimming with plastics that have been beaded (Golden), altered (Donald) and computer generated with 3D software (Tammaro), these three artists top my list of favorites to watch from the exhibit.

Rio, acrylic beads

Suzanne Golden is playful and passionate and those traits show up repeatedly in her work (seen above). A visit to her website will fill you up with primary colors and repeating patterns. Read an interview with the artist here.

Anthony Tammaro (seen below) creates couture art and production jewelry using computer aided design and manufacturing processes, describing the work as “technology meets expression.”

For more from Tammaro, visit his Flickr Photostream and Crafthaus portfolio.

Tammaro with his Quad Spiral neckpiece, sls nylon

Coil Cuffs

Although mostly plastic, Mary Donald’s discarded found object jewelry has a decidedly organic feel. Her artist statement is worth reading too, beginning with this paragraph: “With the eye of a jeweler, I practice the art of hunting and gathering. Like an urban aborigine, I collect a variety of materials and even detritus plus remnants and miscellany from natural and other resources, carrying it back to the studio where it’s examined and then used to create body adornment, objects and sculpture. It’s hard to say sometimes, exactly, what this work is all about. It’s about so many things and nothing at all; I’ve come to think of it as a meditation on aesthetics, with a particular regard for the natural world.”

Visit her website to see more from her Rubber portfolio and Wood/Plastics porfolio.

Minus 143, rubber, nylon, silver

Assorted rings and objects, rubber, nylon, argentium silver

The exhibit at Facere runs from April 28-May 17, 2010

courtney starrett: rubberMADE

Courtney Starrett hopes her work will make you think about the social standards that drive many of our behaviors and how those standards came to be. While I am always curious about an artist’s intention regarding their work, I am also aware that as viewer and wearer, our interpretation is often markedly different than what the artist intended.



The Sociable Choice, bracelet, silicone rubber and grommets

Starrett’s RubberMADE collection of silicone rubber and sterling silver jewelry doesn’t make me think about social standards.  It simply makes me want to take a big, juicy bite out of life.  I see sexy shapes, delicious colors and art that begs to be touched.  Just a little.  Maybe a lot.


The Sociable Choice, bracelet, silicone rubber and grommets


You Don’t Have To Be, ring, silicone, sterling silver


Instant Corsage, neckpiece silicone rubber, sterling silver and magnets


Domestic Goddess, neckpiece, silicone rubber and grommets

Starrett, who earned an MFA from the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, is an assistant professor of metals/jewelry at Winthrop University in South Carolina.  Read more about her and the inspiration behind RubberMADE  here.

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