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silina pantelidou: paper and metal jewelry

Silina Pantelidou begins each collection of jewelry by making sketches, allowing the forms that “wander around” her mind the space and time needed for them to come to life.


Pantelidou studied graphic design and bookbinding, eventually learning to work with metal, which sent her off in a different direction, opening a new path: jewelry that combines paper and metal.


She explains, “from now on I could blend paper and metal in order to tell my stories in the form of small, precious objects.”


My personal favorites are the Voice and Asana collections pictured here.






“My main materials are metal and paper. Metal is a tough “companion”. At times I transform it until it follows my sketch, or at other times I let it show me the way through its own pathways. For the purpose of antithesis but also for balance I use paper, a material which feels as if it holds me by the hand. The paper fibers create an environment where I can play around with the colors of nature and the canvas on which I can narrate my stories.”






Silina Pantelidou’s website

li-chu wu’s paper jewels

Paper has held my fascination as an art medium for most of my life. I still feel a child-like excitement when I find paper art that expresses beautiful gestures or capture a small detail of nature.


Li-Chu Wu’s paper jewelry is a welcome addition to the growing list of paper art I have featured on DAM.

Mountain Landscape Brooch

Wu, who holds a Masters in Jewellery, Silversmithing and Related Products from Birmingham City University, creates movement by manipulating multiple layers of paper.


Landscape II

“The pieces function both as wearable pieces of body adornment and as sculptural objects off the body. The soft and subdued tones of colour that I choose give a quiet, calm and contemplative quality to the pieces.” Li-Chu Wu

hetty and norman metzger: geometric paper shapes

Moving from rural Pennsylvania to the coast of Florida was as beneficial for Hetty Metzger as changing her medium from acrylics and inks to paper.

The self taught artist collaborates on woven and folded paper wall art with her husband Norman, who discovered his creativity after he retired from a career in human services. The couple construct and assemble elementary geometric shapes from paper, creating a strong sense of order through repetition of form and color.

Blues Fest, 23” x 23” x .25”
more than 600 constructed and assembled paper boxes

Autumn Dusk,
woven paper fringe, 107 constructed paper boxes (center section)

The pieces have great depth which the artists achieve through an exquisite use of color AND placing many tiny boxes inside of the larger boxes.  Read descriptions for several of these on the Smithsonian Craft Show website to get a better sense of the process (place your cursor over each image on the SCS site to see the detailed information).  Brilliant.

Pixology, detail, 22” x 36.25”
created from the construction and assembly of 4361 boxes

Fried Green Tomatoes, 23” x 23” x .25”


“Our current work is a collaboration of who we are, whom we’ve been with an ever-present eye to where we are going. We are pleased that the journey has enabled us to create art that has been appreciated by the public and recognized by our peers.”


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