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samantha bryan’s fairy aiding inventions

I know when it is time to take a break from the realities of the adult world and lose myself in childlike fantasy. My body, saturated by mundane daily chores, bucks and stalls like a rebellious horse.  Samantha Bryan’s three dimensional illustrations are the perfect antidote.

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Bryan captures fairy characters as they go about their every day life – but oh, what a life it is!  Created from bits and pieces of wire, leather, found objects and carefully collected materials, each narrative sculpture depicts a detail of life in fairyland, her charming fantasy world.  Be prepared to have an out-of-body experience as she transports us back to a time when cultivating our imagination was our only work.  Childhood.  Watching this mixed-media world spin renews the spirit and sparks the imagination.  A diversion every adult needs…maybe every day.


Brain’s pre-flight stretch fairy


Brain’s portable fairy-dust collector


The artist working on a sculpture (image via Arts Council England )


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