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michael demeng transforms the common into the sacred

Michael deMeng is a mad alchemist. When the assemblage artist finds a discarded shoe or an empty sardine can he doesn’t see garbage, he sees a personal shrine. deMeng’s gift, transforming the common into the sacred, becomes clear when you study pieces like ‘Urning Rubber’, a mixed media reliquary meant to hold treasured objects, and ‘Hell Mask’, that boasts teeth made from a row of matchbook matches.

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Urning Rubber, mixed media urn


Guadalupe of the Heeling Sole, mixed media, 12″x 16″x4″


deMeng dementing doll parts


Using mostly cold joins, deMeng deconstructs and reassembles various elements, adding flourishes of drama and painted details, allowing the story to unfold until close inspection makes you feel as though you are inside the dark humor of a macabre comedy.


A Strange Case, mixed media assemblage


Daughters of Lilith {click image to see large}

He does copius amounts of research when he is working on a piece and he shares some of his insights and process on specific assemblages, like ‘Daughters of Lilith’, pictured above. Read the story behind ‘Daughters of Lilith’ here. deMeng also describes many of the components of this piece and how he came to use them.  Fascinating.


Hell Mask, mixed media


Heeling, mixed media

“These assemblages are metaphors for the evolutions and revolutions of existence: from life to death to rebirth, from new to old to renewed, from construction to destruction to reconstruction. These forms are examinations of the world in perpetual flux, where meaning and function are ever-changing.” Michael deMeng

Michael’s new book Dusty Diablos: Folklore, Iconography, Assemblage, Ole! will be available next month and his 2007 Secrets of Rusty Things: Transforming Found Objects into Art is still wildly popular. Next up for deMeng is a live 2-part Craftcast Masterclass beginning this Wednesday, February 17th, where he will demystify the process of creating an assemblage piece and teach you “how to stick it all together.”  You can also follow deMeng’s blog and become a fan on his  Facebook Fan Page.


Hipolite Rafael Chacon on deMeng:

“He characterizes his creative process as an arduous and hellish journey of self-reflection, but making art is also salutary, a cathartic release of internal demons. As in the ex-votos of Latin American altars, need and desire are balanced with belief and hope and deMeng’s works of art mediate between the ancestral past, the life of the living and an unknown future. In his shrines, color, pattern, texture, and repetition of form symbolize the cyclical nature of life and death. His process, evident in the work itself, embraces trial and error and reminds us of the resilience of the human spirit and the possibility of endless regeneration.


kathy triplett: below the surface

Kathy Triplett’s ceramic tiles tease the curious viewer with windows and small openings that reveal something more.  Many of the sculptural tiles appear almost like deeply personal shrine offerings.  Triplett’s twist on the basic tile form, her use of windows and openings, creates a powerful effect and draws us into the world below the surface.

While each tile stands alone, grouped together the story becomes even more interesting. I could see this concept interpreted in another medium, as brooches or pendants.  Yes?


Kathy Triplett, ceramic wall tile, 2003  10″ x 10″


ceramic, mixed media  10″ x 10″


Teapot Tile, ceramic, 10″ x 10″


How can we speak with these small mouths, ceramic, mixed media


Windows and openings from one layer into another are abiding elements in the work, metaphors for the layers of the self, or for the process of uncovering another world that lies beyond this one.

Some of my favorite Triplett tiles are at the Harris Stanton Gallery

Triplett at Mudfire

More tiles at Lee Hansley Gallery

We have a long holiday weekend coming up here in the US so I will be taking Monday off, but do come back this afternoon for one more post before I move away from the computer for a few days!

anne mousley’s jewelry collages

Sicily based Anne Mousley has a keen interest in the connection between jewelry, memory and display. Mousley’s collages are meant to capture a moment, a memory, a story – and each is assembled as a display for itself.  The detailed metal work and painted canvases come together in a pleasing tumble of color, pattern and texture – then come apart to reveal bangles, brooches, pendants and one small moment in time.



Avola –  assemblage that includes  bracelet, brooches, pendant and ring.


Linosa – box, bangle and pin collage.


Noto collage has a removable tree pendant

“Each piece reflects the abstract nature of memory and the notion that our jewellery invariably connects us to a certain place or moment in time.”

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