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aliyah gold: leather + metal

Swarm, part of the Signs of Life exhibit at Facere Gallery, really made me look twice. The leather, bronze and stainless steel necklace was made by SUNY New Paltz Graduate student Aliyah Gold – check out her blog for more compelling pieces to accessorize Swarm – definitely not for the faint-hearted (don’t know if I could handle the bees buzzing in my ear).

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Swarm, leather, bronze, stainless steel


Beehive Brooches, leather, bronze, stainless steel


The Princess and the Pea, leather, stainless steel, 14k gold, sterling silver

Much of Gold’s leather and metal pendants and brooches look like they might include pyrography – another unusual mix of materials and techniques to jump start your Thursday.


Adoration of Child, 18k gold, sterling silver, box wood, leather

“By combining natural materials such as wood, leather, and ivory substitutes with my metalwork, I strive to create work that demonstrates both the fortitude and the vulnerability of the human body.” Aliyah Gold


john jones’ walking pictures

Textile artist John Jones calls his leather coats “walking pictures” and markets them as “paintings you can take off the wall and wear out in the streets.” Jones, a self-taught artist, gained international acclaim with his wall hangings and coats – Akhnaton, created more than 30 years ago, is in the permanent collection of the V & A Textile Collection. He wore the coat every day for many years before the museum acquired it, explaining in this article how he misses the coat’s immense energy.

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Akhnaton, leather, 1976


 Sleeveless picture coat, leather


The video below shows Akhnaton’s sister coat, Nefertiti, in progress, giving a sense of the amount of detailed piecework involved in each coat. A walking work of art.  Beautifully done.


garry greenwood: why not leather?

Before his death in 2005, Garry Greenwood worked almost exclusively with leather, creating sculptures of shoes, ocarinas, masks and full scale musical instruments that work.  The Grainger Museum of the University of Melbourne, Australia is one of several museums that acquired Greenwood’s work for their permanent collection. The cowhide sculptures – wet formed, laminated and carved – are sleek structures with subtle curves and interesting, beautifully defined details.



Raptor, 2000, wetformed, laminated, carved cowhide, ostrich skin covering


Little Dragon Bassoon, 2001, laminated and carved cowhide


Dragon Bassoon, 2001, laminated and carved cowhide

When asked why he worked with leather, Greenwood replied, “Why not leather?”  He believed that leather is one of the most “unexplored mediums in the arts.” Read more about Garry Greenwood and his process here and you can listen to his instruments here.


Mobile Sole, 2000, wet formed, laminated and carved cowhide


Spurred Boot


Pocopods, ocarinas, cowhide, modified piano keys


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