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jason gamrath revisited

I first posted about Jason Gamrath in 2012, as he was beginning to burst onto the glass art scene. I wasn’t kidding when I said he was one to watch. His recent Venus Fly Trap and Pitcher Plant collection is luscious.






At first glance you notice that Gamrath’s sculptures of flowers and plants are lovely. Sure. But wait. WAIT. In most of the images you don’t get a good sense of the size of the sculptures – and it’s the size that sets these beauties apart. The Columbine sculptures pictured below? 8 feet tall. Oh.My.Goodness.










You cannot fully appreciate this work until you see the creations installed.


The artist and his Venus Fly Trap


Jason Gamrath’s website¬†

Previous post on DAM about Gamrath

nick mount: seduction by still life

Nick Mount’s ongoing series of plumb bobs, scent bottles, fruits and cans are a seductive collection of objects expertly combined in still life settings that draw the viewer in. The glass forms beg to be caressed, if not by the hand, then certainly by the eye. Stunning.


















One of the pre-eminent artists in the Australian studio glass movement, Nick Mount has been a glass blower for more than four decades. In 2012 he was given the distinction of Living Treasure by the Australian Center for Craft and Design. It’s easy to see why.

Nick Mount’s website

andrea borst: dancing glass jewels

Let’s start the week light and breezy with Andrea Borst’s colorful glass jewelry. I didn’t find much about the artist, but I can tell you that she creates each of the tiny glass elements at her torch, then weaves them in an open structure using steel cable wire.

Field of Flowers, six strands, glass, silver, steel cable

Orange Blossom ZigZag, two strands, glass, silver, steel cable

My guess is that the tiny glass shapes shift and move on the body, their dancing ways enhanced by the flexible cables that spring and bounce when touched.

Dragonflies In The Reeds, three strands, glass, silver, steel cable

Sealife, plants and abstract shapes make up much of Borst’s portfolio (and it is an extensive portfolio), but if you look in the archives you will see that the German artist shows a whimsical sense of humor with necklaces made up of kitchen gadgets, food, children’s toys and clothing. Bright. Colorful. Fun. Happy Monday. . .

A variety of clothes

Clothing, one strand with mini beads, glass, silver, steel cable

Sunday Breakfast For Two

Andrea Borst at the torch

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