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celebration: blog giveaway!

Blog Giveaway Worth More Than $200.00!

I’m in the mood to celebrate!  After talking about it for a long time, I finally got to work on an Etsy shop and as you know (because this week I’m all about shameless self-promotion!) text messages is ready to indulge your textual pleasures.  Yay!  Now it is time to P.A.R.T.Y.!  Since my idea of a party is a good art/craft book, some new materials to play with and great inspiration (I know, I’m crazy like that) I thought a giveaway for books and supplies might be just what we need on daMuse to kick your creativity into high gear.

One lucky winner will receive:

Millefiori Story DVD with Judy Belcher

Punch Needle Creations by Pamela Gurney

Craft Candy by Candace Marquette

Fuse It and Be Done! by Barbara Campbell & Yolanda Fundora

1000 Handmade Greetings by Laura McFadden with Deborah Baskin

Polymer Clay and Mixed Media by Christi Friesen

Trading Card Treasures by Carol M. Heppner

A tantalizing text-y surprise package from text messages

The books, dvd and supplies listed are surefire muse ticklers.  Nice way to expand your artistic vocabulary!  They cover polymer clay, artist trading cards, fabric fusing, greeting cards, punch needle art (which is enjoying renewed popularity) and quick and easy crafts to stitch, glue and paint.  Wow…

How to enter:

Leave a comment on this post with the answer to one of the two questions below.  Participants must have a U.S. mailing address (I apologize to my international readers…postage for this package was off the charts). Winner will be chosen using a random number generator.

1. What Word Would You Pick?

If you were in an art workshop and the instructor announced that the day’s challenge was to pick one word and incorporate that word into your creation (using the actual word in paper, metal, polymer clay, ceramic, wood or any other material) what word would you pick? Feel free to let us know why you picked that word if you’d like. [Remember, the instructor wants you to incorporate the word itself into the artwork]


2. What Would You Like To See At Text Messages?

Visit text messages and look at the current items for sale – aren’t they sweet?  I’m just getting started and have lots more to list.  Tell me one text-related object you would like to see there.

But Wait!  There’s More! A Special Drawing! Another Chance!

Help me get the word out about this text-ish goody bag.

If you promote the giveaway I will enter you into a special drawing for a collection of Vintage Wood Type worth $50! Here’s a picture of vintage wood type.  This is not the type you will receive, just a picture to show what wood type is, but I promise I will handpick a beautiful selection just for you!

To Enter the Special Drawing for Wood Type Please Do One Of The Following:

1.  Announce this giveaway on your blog and then leave a comment on the post about my wood type collection letting me know where the announcement appears


2.  Stumble my Etsy shop and leave a message linking to the stumble on the post about the shop opening


3.  Purchase an item from textmessages during this giveaway (December 5th through December 15th 19th, 8pm EST).

Deadline For Entries: Monday Friday, December 15th 19th, 2008.

Comments for both giveaways will close on Monday Friday December 15th 19th, 8pm EST.

Giveaway Contributors

Many thanks to the contributing publishers including PageSage, Martingale & Company, Creative Publishing International, Krause Publications, Sterling Publications and Quarry Books.  Please visit the Giveaway Sponsors by clicking on the links in the sidebar…over there, to the right of this post, right above my Daily Reads!

If you would like to contribute an item to a future daMuse giveaway please send me an email – you can find my contact at the top of the sidebar.

Giveaway Summary:

1.  There are two separate giveaways, follow the instructions above to enter one or both
2.  Participants must have a U.S. shipping address
3.  Deadline for both giveaways is Monday Friday December 15 19, 2008
4.  Comments for both giveaways will close at 8pm EST on Monday Friday December 15th 19th, 2008
5.  Winners will be chosen using a random number generator

Much Love & Luck To Everyone!

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