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virtual coloring books

If you are looking for a Wednesday afternoon break from your less-than-colorful routine, try coloring outside of the lines with these virtual coloring book links from Colour Lovers.

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brylcreem commercial is brylliant!

I don’t watch television commercials.  I don’t even watch television. But Sam Veale’s silky smooth tricks make this Brylcreem commercial a work of art and worthy of one minute of my time.  They wanted someone who could make life seem effortless.  They got the right guy.

Watch how they shot the video (decidedly NOT effortless) here.

Do you feel like you’ve got too many balls in the air?  Veale makes that look effortless too (click on #1). I’ve got a busy week ahead – if I drop the ball and miss a post I hope you’ll forgive me!

links via haha.nu

the sticky note experiments

Don’t you love sticky notes? I regularly cover surfaces with sticky note to-do lists, wish-lists and design sketches. Computers. Walls. White Boards. Studio Tables. Printers. Desks. No surface is safe from my sticky note madness.  Who knew a small square of colorful paper could be so addictive?  So seductive. So…ummmm…dangerous.

The folks at Eepybird.com understand my problem.  Look at what they did with 280,951 sticky notes.

Colorful, joyful fun. Smile-worthy for sure.

More at Eepybird.com

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