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rolling hills of color

today’s flickr find:

“Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems.” Rainer Maria Rilke

Rolling Hills of Colour, Mary WV on Flickr

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light after darkness

Beauty and light are often revealed after destruction or disaster wreaks havoc in our world and our lives. Do you doubt that? Take a look at these images of Antelope Canyon which was formed by erosion and flash flooding. See what I mean?  Humbling, awe inspiring, breathtaking beauty from ruin. It’s all good.


Gale Rainwater, Antelope Canyon Arizona [click image to see larger]

Paulo Mernick, Illumination, Antelope Canyon Arizona

filled to over capacity on flickr, Antelope Canyon Arizona

More images of Antelope Canyon in this flickr pool.

Thank you for your emails, comments and phone calls.  They meant a lot to me as we navigated some rocky terrain – we aren’t fully on track yet, but we are getting there! See you soon…maybe tomorrow?

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