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keri straka: nesting, growth and intimacy

Ceramic artist Keri Straka explores the relationships of nesting, growth and intimacy.

The work touched something in me as I continue my own personal reflections on the same themes, particularly the Infectious Embellishments Series, from her Large Works collection (#2 is pictured below).


Sponge, 4″ x 5″ x 4″

An assistant professor of art/ceramics at Framingham State College, Straka uses saturated colors and surface embellishments to imply protection. “I am looking for the push & pull relationship found with a seductive yet slightly menacing or decayed surface. The relationship of various parts of the forms, suggest nesting, growth and the nature of parasitic relationships.”

Infectious Embellishment #2, 62″ x 12″ x 12″

The artist, who holds a BFA from Western Washington University and an MFA from Mass Art, uses the coil and pinch method for constructing the hollow forms, which are fired multiple times as she builds up the surface treatment and saturated colors.

Longing, 12″ x 11″

“I am interested in pushing the relatedness of the human body and the natural world, as one entity.  I am drawn to the poetic resonance of connecting human tissue and form to biological and geological forces.”


lisa robbins’ ceramic seeds, pods and gestators

We are still without internet service – did you know that Barnes and Noble has free WiFi? I didn’t! Hopefully we will have things sorted out tomorrow. Until then I am learning to embrace my internet-less life – sorta! Here’s a quick post (free WiFi but no electric outlets means my battery is draining fast).

One more ceramic artist for you this week – enjoy Toronto based Lisa Robbins’ take on seeds, gestators and mature pods. Otherworldly and a bit on the wild side they have people appeal to me. I want to name them – don’t they look like friendly little creatures who want to come for a visit and stay awhile?

judit varga’s ceramic circles and squares

Yesterday a storm swiftly blew through the Hudson Valley, leaving us without internet and phone service and this morning, finding an internet connection proved to be a little trickier than expected. After a couple of false starts, I meandered across the river and down the road to write today’s post. I must really love you. Yup. I do.

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[private_archives]Judit Varga prefers a low tech approach to clay, using a minimum of tools. “Low tech is satisfying” she says, “It’s just me and the clay with a minimum between us.” Varga, who grew up in Hungary where she completed an MFA in Ceramics, immigrated to the United States shortly after graduation and put her art aside while her children were small.

What is it about circles, squares and knots that is so satisfying? Varga’s interpretation feels rustic and sophisticated at the same time, her choice of colors soothing – I want to crawl inside of Cocoon, and Inside Out? It is calling me…inside out…mmmm.

Connected Circles, semi-porcelain, 14x14x9

Twisted Lines #3, stoneware, porcelain, 18x16x6

Inside Out, semi-porcelain, 18x13x13

Blue Circles #9, semi-porcelain, 18x18x4

Blue Cocoon, semi-porcelain, 10x7x7

“I work in a quiet solitude in my small basement studio and find this peaceful loneliness a perfect stage for my play with clay. In the silence sometimes there is a moment of harmony when the clay and I understand each other perfectly, we know exactly what the other one wants to do. Those are the moments that I long for and this longing draws me back to the studio to open up a new bag of clay and start again.” Judit Varga

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