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dora schubert’s hot rings

Dora Schubert’s inspiration is evident in every bead she creates: the colors in nature, Moorish designs, textiles and “the microscopic world of cells and bacterium.”  Here are the latest from the glass artist – these are not on her website yet, but please do visit the gallery pages where you will see almost 100 images that are equally eye-popping.

New beads and jewelry from Dora Schubert – these are not on her website yet!

In 2004, Schubert attended a lampworking workshop at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Maine, where she met metalsmith Elizabeth Prior. The two worked side by side sharing ideas that were the seeds for what has become a very successful collaboration. Schubert sends the beads to Prior, who captures the glass cabachons in silver settings that perfectly showcase the colorful orbs.  As you can see, I’m smitten with the rings, but the collaborative collection also includes necklaces and bracelets.  Hot, hot, hot!

The rings pictured here, and many others, can be found on Schubert’s website.

Fact:  Bacteria has never looked this good!

Fact:  You never know where your next great idea will come from.  Take a class.  Join a group.  Create. Become part of a larger conversation. Now.

Schubert’s beads for sale here
And there’s even a blog here.

beadartists.org: glass beads galore

I’m having ‘internet issues’ this morning.  While I try to figure things out, here’s a link that will keep you mesmerized for awhile.  Beadartists.org is an online community for glass bead artists where 486 glass bead artists have posted 44,701 pictures.  The image below is from one of Vivian’s Lampwork pages.  Love the earthy tones – these colors resemble the fall scene outside my window.

The website gallery is divided into several categories including vessel beads, encased beads, animal glass beads and millefiori. Happy surfing!