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katy davis: love and loss animation

Katy Davis’  stop-motion animation about love and loss has been viewed on You Tube more than 350,000 times since she posted it three weeks ago.  The haunting animated music video is touching people all over the world – take four minutes out of your busy day to watch it and see why.

The pop up book (which I made myself) along with the girl at the end, and the dragon, are all filmed with stop motion photography. I then drew the characters on paper and coloured them in Photoshop – there’s 1,651 drawings just of the characters ouch!

Can you appreciate for a moment, the work that it took to create this piece?  Remarkable.  Ms. Davis is 25 years old.

More animations from Davis on her website
The music, by Bim, can be found on Bim’s MySpace page

making wanderlust

I’m not sure if the artists used Plasticine or some form of polymer clay for the sculptures in Wanderlust, but this is a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at how the beasts were built.

There is a Facebook page that offers a crisper version of the video – I couldn’t figure out how to embed it here, so I’m including that link.

The completed film, a music video, can be found all over the internet but I’d like to point you to the site that gives credit to the directors.  View the finished music video here.

I’ll be back this afternoon with interactive art that makes the viewer part of the artwork.  See you then!

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