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more plastic magic

on monday i showed you origami inspired dinnerware made from polypropylene, ‘the merlin of plastics’. alice highet works her own magic with the plastic, mixing printed shapes with fine metals and flexible wire. inspired by japanese textiles, childhood walks in the woods, slinky toys, sycamore seeds, leaf skeletons and insect wings, the work has a feather light touch. look like little-slip-o’-nothings. very appealing on a summer morning.

while polymer clay might not be as indestructible as polypropylene, i do think pc lends itself nicely to the simple design and construction highlighted in highet’s limited edition collections.

scribbles brooch


scribbles earrings

felt and paper

germany’s annette totzauer has two passions: paper and felt. she brings her background as a textile designer to the forefront with sumptuous jewelry and delightful puppets.

through some sketchy translation tools, it looks like totzauer finds inspiration in many things including her photography, and it is easy to see why. ignore the language barrier and click through all of the menu choices on the left hand side of the website. you will be uplifted by the felt menagerie of hand puppets, inspired to try new bead shapes and necklace construction when you see the fine texture and pattern of the felt jewelry and forced to ask the question “how did she do that” when you study the paper beads. there are also some process photos of felting and marbling paper.

worth a visit over a cup of coffee.
annette totzauer's beads paper beads


today’s flickr find:

star*monkey on flickr

tiny tots

canadian artist joyce geleynse is a portrait artist, aceo artist (artist cards, editions and originals) and sculptor. geleynse’s polymer clay babies all wear her signature elf hats and though tiny in stature, they make a BIG impression. adorable. whimsical. one-of-a-kind. lifelike.

clay babies


go play. that’s right – go play. go.play.right.now. there is fun to be had in life – and on keri smith’s website. lots of laugh-out-loud fun. her artist’s survival kit should be mandatory. download, upload, print it…whatever you have to do to get one, just do it. me? i’m going to make the “what to do when you’re stuck cards” in polymer clay. and i might give the “daring dice of transformation” a roll. oh, and those “permission cards”? yeah, ummm…you’ve got my permission to love them.

her site’s a blast, so go play.

keri smith
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