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michael hansmeyer: complex cardboard columns

Creating a new intersection between mathematics, art, architecture, design and general coolness, Michael Hansmeyer’s cardboard columns are mind-boggling and worth a few minutes of your time this morning.

Cardboard columns

Detail of column – click to enlarge – really spectacular!

The Zurich based architect “explores algorithms and computation as a generative design tool,” merging this with current design processes and ultimately producing an exciting new architectural form.  Almost 9 feet tall, they are painstakingly constructed from sheets of thin cardboard that have been individually cut using a mill or laser, then stacked on a pole. Each column boasts between 8 and 16 million facets.

Image of cardboard stack and pole via

His website offers a description of the process and you can read even more about this fascinating process here .

christina bothwell explores below the surface

Christina Bothwell successfully uses a variety of materials to convey the narrative of her sculptures, but it is the cast glass elements that pull me in and leave me wanting to know more of the story.

cast glass, raku fired clay, oil paints, wood
24″ x 15″ x 11″

cast glass, raku fired clay, oil paints, wood
60″ x 33″ x 21″

What lies below the surface fascinates me and I try to capture the qualities of the “unseen” that express the sense of wonder that I feel in my daily existence. Christina Bothwell

Although Bothwell’s sculpture might be categorized by some as dark or somber, I see it as work that redefines beauty and perfection. Her figures feel familiar to me, maybe because the underbelly she shares is a place I know well and don’t fear. Bothwell is drawn to the cycle of birth, death and renewal. She asks us to go deeper, to go under the surface in our interactions, relationships and connections. Underneath the neat and tidy surface, where fears, flaws, decline and decay reside – this is often where you find the real treasure if you are brave enough to navigate the territory.

Past Lives
cast aluminum, ceramics, oil paints, window glass
34″ x 20″ x 12″

I am attracted to glass because it can do everything that other sculptural media can; in addition, it offers an inner space and transmits light. Christina Bothwell

Everything Hidden is Revealed
cast glass, raku fired clay, oil paints, wood
47 x 18 x 10

cast glass, raku fired clay, oil paints
44″ x 17″ x 13″

I think of these pieces as souls, each being pregnant with their own potential, giving birth to new, improved versions of themselves. Christina Bothwell

Bonus Post & Weekend Recycled Glass Class

There is still room in the recycled glass class this weekend at Washington Glass Studio led by renowned Eco Artist Erwin Timmers – I’ll be there for some of it – will you?

Erwin Timmers, What We Leave Behind

Check back over the weekend – I’m also working on several slide shows of images from the apprenticeship project and I will post at least one on Saturday or Sunday.

never ending story and a question for you

flickr find:

I have quite a bit of tidying up to do, both virtual and real life (and that’s the never ending story…), so instead of a regular post on DAM today I will be posting lots of art related links on the Daily Art Muse Facebook Page while I tidy up here.  Back to my regular posting tomorrow.

As for my virtual cleaning – I’ve been made aware that the Categories box on DAM is being finicky again.  I’m working on a permanent fix for it, but I would like to know if it is currently working for anyone.  The mystery is that it works for me – but not for everyone.  It would be very helpful if you would leave a comment telling me if it brings you to the correct posts when you click on a category or if it brings you back to the blog’s home page (and let me know what browser you are using).  Thanks for your help – hope to see you over on Facebook!

Never Ending Story, by peggyhr on Flickr


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