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eleanor lakelin: maker in wood

Eleanor Lakelin describes herself as a ‘maker in wood’. The UK artist manipulates salvaged wood – stitching, scorching, sandblasting, piercing and bleaching the wood to create turned and carved functional and sculptural objects. The results are a satisfying mix of objects that look organic, fossilized or slick. Nice.

Pierced, bleached bowl


Pierced, bleached bowl detail

 “Each piece has a story to tell about how and why it was made and this sense of narrative is underlined by the notes which accompany each bowl or vessel. These not only date the work but also explain the age, type and provenance of the material, its inspiration and the processes it has undergone.”

Pierced, textured group


On The Studio Table

Hemi Wormy Bowl


Holly Forms


Chestnut Burr Wallpiece


Carved Sycamore



Lakelin At Work
Eleanor Lakelin’s website

Read an article about the artist here

heather knight: ceramic wall tiles

After all these years. . .still love repetitive design; still love ceramic tiles; still love organic, molecular anything; still love all white everything. Heather Knight’s ceramic tiles are a perfect example. Perfect.





“. . .I hope to bridge modern design and the natural world by paring down the essence of things to repetitive texture and basic form. I love the way a texture can produce the illusion of movement, the way light and shadow play with one another.”





Textural Wall Tile Grouping

 Textural Tile Grouping


“Focusing on a very limited, almost all white color palette enables me to focus more on texture and surface and calls attention to the brilliance of the clay.  I am constantly searching for new hints of inspiration on walks through the woods, beach adventures and through macro photography.”

Heather Knight At Work

Heather Knight’s website

ann marie cianciolo: raven messengers

When I see sculpture or jewelry that speaks to me and begin my research about the artist, very often I discover I showcased the artist years ago (thank you Google).

Ann Marie Cianciolo, It's My Birthday & I'll Squawk If I Want To

 It’s My Birthday & I’ll Squawk If I Want To

After almost 9 years and more than 3,500 posts I don’t remember every artist I’ve showcased – that’s what happened with Ann Marie Cianciolo. I had forgotten her whimsical brooches made me smile when I was on an inner journey back in 2009.

Ann Marie Cianciolo, Where She Stops, Nobody Knows

 Where She Stops, Nobody Knows

I’m on a different journey these days, and when I came across her sculptural bird rings I was reminded that a raven came to visit me last week, swooping down right at face level and hovering for several seconds before flying away.

Ann Marie Cianciolo, Mine-Mine


Ravens are messengers and I have a good idea of the message the raven was bringing to me. Likely not as humorous as the messages brought to you by Cianciolo’s silver, gold and copper ravens, but a welcome message, nonetheless.

Ann Marie Cianciolo, Flip The Bird

Flip The Bird

I hope you enjoy these ravens and their lighthearted approach to this crazy world we inhabit.

Ann Marie Cianciolo, Bird On A Wire

 Bird On A Wire

I also love this necklace. The bird moves on the wire and the wheel on the unicycle moves too!

Ann Marie Cianciolo’s website

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