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antal sprok: mystical, fantasy and fairy tale figures

Antal Sprok was primarily a cabinet maker with a degree in woodworking design. The artist is now known for creations that are often a cross between sculpture and furniture, reminiscent of fairy tales, fantasy and mythological creatures.


Proud Antelope


Little Antelope

sprok_fuszkolady   sprok_fence



Bold Crow


Bold Crow, detail


Sprok at work, via

Antal Sprok’s website

More about the artist and his work here.

Click here to see more pictures that help you understand the size and scale of the pieces pictured above.

yuri tozuka: articulated jewelry

The pull towards articulated art has always been strong for me. Metalsmith Yuri Tozuka’s work satisfies all that I like about articulation. Tozuka draws from imagination and experience as a special effects make-up professional to create these oh-so-small articulated metal neckpieces.



Companion, sterling silver, fine silver, brain coral, garnet onyx




 Twins, sterling silver, fine silver, citrine, blue topaz


Us, sterling silver, brain coral

Note the elegant closures for each neckpiece. Love.


“Surreal elements, such as dark humor, satire and illogical notion, also influence my work. Such ideas and imagery come out when they have something to encounter and reflect within actual life. I strive to visualize this interplay of two worlds within my work. For that reason, I carefully select representational forms as visual elements or inspiration, such as human anatomy, insects or ordinary objects.”

Yuri Tozuka’s website

michele ludwiczak: figurative sculpture

Michele Ludwiczak translates her passion for other cultures into thought provoking sculptures of African women and children. The French artist molds each figure from grog sandstone, then colors the work with paints, chalks, charcoal, dirt and sand, mixing materials to achieve specific textures and colors.












“I’m a dreamer, an idealist and my artistic work lets me fly away far from our contemporary world where the notion of time is no longer valid. For a long time I have been interested in cultures where man lives differently in relationship with nature and time. I first toured America and her native people, the Indians, and then one day, Africa. Sensitive to moral attitudes, elegance, strength emanating from the eyes, the beauty of skin texture, colors of sand, earth … it is natural African sculptures that come to inhabit my studio.”


Michele Ludwiczak’s website


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