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katarina pridavkova’s streetscapes – and giveaway winners!

Slovakian artist Katarina Pridavkova describes herself as a ‘surrealist painter and sculptor’. Using a combination of found materials, cardboard, paper, metal and ceramics she is fast becoming known for creating fantastical streetscapes.


Katerina Pridavkova


Katarina Pridavkova Studio Table


Living and studying in Spain led to Pridavkova building an imaginary mini-city, inspired by the streets of Mallorca, a caricature of the city. Her thesis project, Grow Up, was meant to invite people into her imaginary world. I accept her invitation. . .I would love to jump into the streets and live there for awhile. . .


Katerina Pridavkova, Mallorca 2


Katerina Pridavkova, Mallorca


Katarina Pridavkova, Foxie


Katarina Pridavkova, Foxie detail


Katerina Pridavkova With Sculptures


Katarina Pridavkova doesn’t have a website, but you can follow her on Instagram and Facebook. Lots and lots of process shots, sketches, and different views of these charming streets. Looks like a few of the artist’s houses and paintings are for sale here.

Giveaway Winners!

My birthday week giveaway ended yesterday and today we have three winners! Sofia celebrated by eating sorbet – we hope all of the winners have as much fun as she did!

Sofia Spooning

 Sofia Spooning

 And the winners are. . .

One Hour Consultation with daMuse. . . . . . . . . . . .Christine O’Connor

One Hour Consultation with daMuse. . . . . . . . . . . .Carole Monohan

60% off price of Squarespace Website Setup. . . . . Sigal Druckman

Many thanks to everyone who played along and congratulations to the winners – I will be in touch next week with each of you to let you know next steps!

anthony hansen: metal poems

Working primarily with metal scraps salvaged from cars, Anthony Hansen transforms the discarded sheet metal into wall sculptures and VERY large hearts.

Anthony Hansen, Don't Be Blue

Don’t Be Blue

Anthony Hansen Heart

Hansen enjoys the process – from gathering and sorting like colors, to exploring textures and finishes that conjure up faded memories. Each piece is designed, cut, hammered, riveted, welded and finished by hand by the artist in his California studio.Anthony Hansen Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Anthony Hansen Heart

“Weaving some of those stories together into my own metal poem and creating hearts out of found/reclaimed elements constantly reminds me of the humanity that we all share, and how closely all of our different lives and journeys are connected.” 

Anthony Hansen, detail

[click to enlarge]


Anthony Hansen

photo of the artist with his work via swschool.org

“As an artist, I have focused on using found and reclaimed materials. I like using automotive sheet-metal because it has such character and warmth. Every scratch and spot of rust offers visual texture and interest. Text and type, through the use of old signs and license plates adds dimension and an implied storyline. I enjoy creating pieces that are a patchwork of the past and the present, a mixing of the bright and shiny, as well as the dull and faded.” 

Anthony Hansen February 52February 52

My heart did a little flip flop when I came upon February 52 (pictured above). That happens to be the month and year of my parent’s anniversary. Wow. . .I think my mother and father are checking in to let me know that although they are gone from the physical plane, they are still here in spirit and watching over us. xoxo

Anthony Hansen’s website

stefan peters’ diaphanous series

Stefan Peters paints landscape scenes on layers of mylar. The Belgium based artist uses pins to create space between layers, adding depth and shadows to the paintings. The landscapes are mounted inside insect boxes, offering a close-up glimpse into another world.

Stefan Peters, Diaphanous Series


Stefan Peters Detail


Stefan Peters, Diaphanous Series


Stefan Peters, Diaphanous Series



Stefan Peters’ website


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