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jenny ayrton: sandcasting wonderlands

The UK’s Jenny Ayrton tries to see the world from the perspective of her young daughter as she creates domestic scenes, capturing miniature wonderlands in molten glass.

Jenny Ayrton, Autumn Bike Ride

Autumn Bike Ride

Jenny Ayrton, Urban Washing

Urban Washing

Ayrton describes her work as tiny stages – sets that allow the viewer to project their own story. I love this!

Jenny Ayrton, Washing Day

Washing Day

Jenny Ayrton, Rotary Washing Line

Rotary Washing Line

She creates the sculptures, made of sandcasted glass with metal inclusions, by making tiny, delicate wire and metal mesh scenes, encasing the wire model between two layers of hot glass.

Jenny Ayrton, Feeding The Ducks

Feeding The Ducks

Jenny Ayrton, Green Fingers

 Watch the video to see more about her process.

Jenny Ayrton’s website

marta torrent/santa rita: blown glass jewelry

I received an email from Marta Torrent/Santa Rita letting me know about a new body of work she calls The No. 3 Collection. Inspired by a Tarot card, the series includes blown glass forms, silver and gold-plated silver chains and precious stones.

Marta Torrent/Santa Rita


Marta Torrent/Santa Rita

It was love at first sight for me. I’m drawn to the idea of boldly wearing fragile pieces near the heart. . .all so easily broken if not properly cared for, yes?

Marta Torrent/Santa Rita


Marta Torrent/Santa Rita


Marta Torrent/Santa Rita

Don’t miss the rest of her collections, which are equally compelling. Here is an example:

Marta Torrent/Santa Rita

Marta Torrent Santa Rita’s website

cheryl ann thomas: collapsed columns

Piles of fabric. . .or delicate crumpled paper. I couldn’t decide which I was looking at when I first came across Cherly Ann Thomas’ work. I was surprised to learn that the forms are porcelain clay. Spectacular!

Thomas, BlueTower


Thomas, Relics

Thomas builds columns with tiny coiled ropes of clay. Knowing the columns are too thin and too tall to withstand the heat of the kiln, she is prepared – and looks forward to – their inevitable collapse during the firing process. The collapsed columns are coupled with other collapsed columns and fired again, and again – the results are striking.

Thomas, Ledge


Thomas, Perch


Thomas, Tinge

 “I am drawn to silence, sensuality, chance and loss. I have developed a process than encompasses all of these elements. I build tall, thin columns from tiny coils of porcelain clay, attaching one at a time. I invite the physics of failure during the firing.”

Cheryl Ann Thomas’ website


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