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online class + special offer = win/win

I am interrupting my regular feature posts to invite you to join me next month for the 2015 WPBasics eCourse. If you are ready to take control of your website and you want to learn how to build a WordPress website that lets your art shine, this is the class for you!

There are three price-points ($47, $147, $797) and ALL are a huge cost savings over having someone (me!) create a website for you. Register today and be on your way to having a beautiful website you can be proud of. Scroll down to see my special offer. . .

All the details HERE

wpbasics (3)

The class is appropriate for anyone who wants to learn how to build a WordPress website, however it is geared towards teaching artists how to create a beautiful online presentation for their art.

View A Sampling Of Student Websites
[Click Images To Visit Websites]


Wait! Here’s My Special Win-Win Offer!

Sign up for the WPBasics *PLUS* option ($147) and after the class is over, if you decide creating a website isn’t for you, hire me to build your WordPress website and I will deduct $650* off the price! 

This is simply a win-win:

  • Sign up for the class – if you love it and the learning curve fits, you win by saving money and taking control over your site.
  • Sign up for the class – if life gets in the way or you change your mind and decide you don’t want to do it yourself, you win by saving time and money when you hire me to build the site for you.

Heck, even if you have no interest in learning how to create your own site, if you are thinking about hiring me to build the site for you it pays to sign up for the class just to receive the discounted price!

*Offer good only on WordPress website builds for new clients, cannot be combined with other offers, does not apply to past classes and must be redeemed within 3 months after the May 2015 class ends – payment plans are available. You must purchase the WPBasics *PLUS* option to receive the discounted price quoted in this offer.

See you in class!

I’ll be back tomorrow with another inspirational feature post.

new class and more. . .

susan lomutoI’m really, totally back at it, posting regularly in addition to teaching, creating, building, making. It’s good to be here again, in this space, sharing great contemporary fine craft with you. And speaking of you, today’s post is about what I can do for you. . .

Tomorrow? Hmmmmm. . .maybe a post about porcelain jewelry, or I could post about a ceramic artist who’s wall pieces make me swoon. . .or maybe minimalist concrete jewelry. Tomorrow please pop back over here to see who I feature next on DAM. Today though, take a look at how I can help you:

let me TEACH you how to create a website to showcase your work. . .

I’m delighted to announce that after a year-long absence, WPBasics is back! Designed with artists in mind, this eCourse teaches you how to create a WordPress website for your art.

I believe one-size-does-NOT-fit-all when it comes to learning a new skill, therefore students can choose from three levels of instruction.

Registration details and more information here.


let me CREATE a website to showcase your work. . .

Many artists do not have time (or desire) for the learning curve involved in building a website so a class doesn’t help them. I understand, and I’ve got you covered! I now create websites for artists. I love everything about WordPress and this was the natural ‘next-step’.

Here’s what folks are saying:

Kathleen wanted a website to showcase her award winning polymer collections. The work POPS - nothing distracts you from the art.

Renowned polymer artist Kathleen Dustin’s new website

“I have had a long working relationship with Susan and recently went live with my new website. All I can say is that she is absolutely the best. She spent a lot of time learning exactly what I wanted for the look of my site, executed my ideas and gave me options. Susan patiently taught me how to update my website with clear and understandable videos she made just for me. I highly recommend Susan to anyone wanting an artistic website and wanting to have control over it. I feel so much more empowered now in marketing my work.”  ~ Kathleen Dustin

Amy came to me with a specific idea for an interactive Home page that linked to products and information. I made it happen.

Studio Art Jeweler Amy Greely’s website

“Susan is an excellent teacher. And while her WordPress for Artists class gave me the insight and the tools to create a website true to my vision, it unfortunately could not give me the hours to actually complete it. After months of trying to carve out the time to progress beyond the beginning stage, a frustrated e-mail went out with a plea for recommendations of professionals who might be able to help.

To my surprise and delight, Susan was available to begin translating my vision into a reality and the whole process was seamless and easy. She clearly heard what I was trying to say as an artist and was able to create the visuals to further support that communication. She knew intuitively which questions to ask and how to navigate behind the scenes creating exactly what I had envisioned. Her ongoing support and maintenance have allowed me to focus on the work that I love and we continue to explore new ideas and additions.

Having worked with other web developers in the past, the luxury of working with an artist who understands the needs and nuances necessary to create a compelling creative website cannot be overstated. As we straddle the lines of art, advertisement, communication, and commerce, Susan is an excellent guide and navigator.” ~Amy Greely

For more information (and links to Kathleen’s and Amy’s websites) click HERE.

Whether you want to learn how to create your own website or you need me to create a website for you, I am here to help you take your online presence up a notch. Let’s do this!



brit hammer takes your art images from average to awesome

Every artist DESERVES to have WOW photos. The moment I ‘met’ Brit Hammer on Skype last year I knew she was the one who could help artists take those WOW photos themselves. Her boundless energy, dedication to her craft, to artists and to teaching made it easy to see that she is an inspirational teacher.

Art and Photograph by Christine Dumont

Art and Photograph by Christine Dumont


DAM reader and polymer clay artist Christine Dumont took Brit Hammer’s Photographing Fine Art & Craft Guided Study online course and she agrees!

“Before Photographing Fine Art & Craft, I used to waste hours taking uninteresting pictures. My camera was an endless source of frustration. The course made me appreciate that taking a photo was an extension of the creative act of making the piece. Brit took the time to find out what I wanted to say in my photos and helped me get there.

My camera is no longer a mystery. I can work quickly and produce images that express the vitality and spirit of my work. This is hugely empowering as so much of our work is judged on the quality of our images.

Photographing Fine Art & Craft is a superlative course taught by a superlative teacher.” – Christine Dumont


Art and Photograph by Christine Dumont, silver by Christiane De Haes

Art and Photograph by Christine Dumont


Christine Dumont did it.

Are you next?

The Photographing Fine Art & Craft Guided Study Class begins Monday, January 7th. Now YOU can learn how to take WOW photos yourself!

Start the new year right. Sign up now.


Read More testimonials here.

P.S. Just got a shiny new DSLR camera and not sure how to use it? Brit’s got you covered there, too. Grab her DSLR Photography for Artists tutorial. You’ll learn how to use your camera so you can hit the ground running.



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