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emerging artist emily gill wins award, new poll up on damuse

Canadian Emily Gill was recently selected as this year’s first place winner of the Sixth National Student Jewellery Competition at Lafreniere and Pai Gallery in Ottawa, Canada.  A 2009 graduate of Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Gill’s enamel broochs with removable elements are another fine example of jewelry that does double-duty.

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[private_archives]The removable elements in the two pieces pictured here appear to be pins.   To see more of this emerging artist’s work view the slideshow below and visit her page on the Metal Arts Guild of Canada. Hot stuff!

If  you know of a student applied arts competition winner and would like to nominate her/him to appear in a post on Daily Art Muse send an email to Susan at dailyartmuse@yahoo.com

There is a new poll up in the sidebar.  Please let me know your top three choices for new features on Daily Art Muse.  Thanks for your participation – I will have a post up in the future about all of the poll results.  Interesting…


brooch with removable elements, enamel, copper, sterling silver, nylon, steel, magnets


Vegetative Propagation
brooch with wearable separate end pieces, enamel, copper, sterling silver, magnets


Flower Brooches, enamel


Macropserpective, enamel

Find more photos like this on Metal Arts Guild of Canada


student work: clark university

In the last three weeks I have heard from five high school and college art teachers who are sending students to DaMuse to study the art featured, the materials used or, as one said, to “experience an informed choice that evidences an interesting and personal point of view celebrating excellence.”

At Clark University, Daily Art Muse is part of the course material for an art class taught by Valerie Claff.  She recently wrote and shared these images of an installation piece created by her students after they studied this blog and a film about Andy Goldsworthy.



After looking at the use of materials on your blog, books – “Natural Architecture” for one – and “Rivers and Tides”, the film about Andy Goldsworthy we had a field trip…to make installations.  I divided the class randomly into 3 groups of 4. They picked a word from a hat and were assigned to make an installation based on that word. The three words were “shelter”, “embrace” and “flow”. It was a great day and I was quite impressed with the work. Folks from the community came by and were so inspired by the work, they’ve asked if we can do a day here for them! Love it when art inspires….   Valerie Claff
Maybe it is my state of mind as I reflect on the crashing economy, but this feels cocoon-like…a safe haven…a place I would love to go and hibernate…shelter from the storm.  Many thanks to Valerie and her students for sharing their beautiful work.

If you are an art teacher who is using Daily Art Muse as a resource I would love to hear from you and if you know art teachers who might benefit from DaMuse, please send them a link to the blog – this is an easy way for DaMuse readers to help me spread the word and keep the blog alive.
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