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sam tho duong: lemitcA and frozen

Sam Tho Duong’s recycled yogurt container neckpieces are causing quite a stir and I can understand why. . .











The yogurt container before Sam Tho Duong works his magic. . .

lemitcA, the collection made from plastic yogurt containers, combines the discarded plastic with precious stones and pearls, adding interest and value to the forms.


Don’t miss his Frozen collection too – branch-like forms covered with freshwater pearls to mimic ice and snow covered plant life. Spectacular.


I’m not sure what the branch-like forms are made from (metal?) but they are covered with freshwater pearls.






 The artist, wearing one of his creations from the lemitcA collection

Duong was born in Vietnam, but his family fled the country when he was a young child. He spent much of his childhood in a German city known for its jewelry industry, surrounded by pearls, jewelry and design.

Sam Tho Duong – lemitcA

Sam Tho Duong – Frozen

Read a short interview with the artist here


betsy youngquist revisited

The last time we looked at Betsy Youngquist she was concentrating on sculptural mosaic figurative sculpture (2009).

youngquist_antlerpendantsAntler Eye Pendants

While she continues to create her signature sculptures, a quick visit to Youngquist’s website revealed more recent work that also includes jewelry. With antlers. And Eye Flowers. Love.

youngquist_eyependantsEye Flower Pendants

youngquist_antlerpendants2Antler Geode Pendants


Ohhhhh. . .the spaceships above? Youngquist repurposed almond butter jars and glass containers for candles to create the viewing towers in the spaceships. Did I mention LOVE?

youngquist Betsy Youngquist

Betsy Youngquist’s website

Previous post about the artist

mark oliver’s litter bugs

Mark Oliver grew up surrounded by his father’s collection of electrical and engineering components. Those bits and pieces influenced the artist so much, he now uses a different kind of collection of bits and pieces to create the collaged Litter Bugs shown here.


Muscle Bug


Scuttle Bug


Gullet Beetle


I love the Gullet Beetle – can you see the recycled vintage tin pieces? Click on the images to see the details.


Pastry Beetles


Oliver, an award winning illustrator for print, television and children’s books, puts a great deal of energy and time into sourcing materials that he transforms into this colorful collection.


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