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sam tho duong: lemitcA and frozen

Sam Tho Duong’s recycled yogurt container neckpieces are causing quite a stir and I can understand why. . .











The yogurt container before Sam Tho Duong works his magic. . .

lemitcA, the collection made from plastic yogurt containers, combines the discarded plastic with precious stones and pearls, adding interest and value to the forms.


Don’t miss his Frozen collection too – branch-like forms covered with freshwater pearls to mimic ice and snow covered plant life. Spectacular.


I’m not sure what the branch-like forms are made from (metal?) but they are covered with freshwater pearls.






 The artist, wearing one of his creations from the lemitcA collection

Duong was born in Vietnam, but his family fled the country when he was a young child. He spent much of his childhood in a German city known for its jewelry industry, surrounded by pearls, jewelry and design.

Sam Tho Duong – lemitcA

Sam Tho Duong – Frozen

Read a short interview with the artist here


betsy youngquist revisited

The last time we looked at Betsy Youngquist she was concentrating on sculptural mosaic figurative sculpture (2009).

youngquist_antlerpendantsAntler Eye Pendants

While she continues to create her signature sculptures, a quick visit to Youngquist’s website revealed more recent work that also includes jewelry. With antlers. And Eye Flowers. Love.

youngquist_eyependantsEye Flower Pendants

youngquist_antlerpendants2Antler Geode Pendants


Ohhhhh. . .the spaceships above? Youngquist repurposed almond butter jars and glass containers for candles to create the viewing towers in the spaceships. Did I mention LOVE?

youngquist Betsy Youngquist

Betsy Youngquist’s website

Previous post about the artist

mark oliver’s litter bugs

Mark Oliver grew up surrounded by his father’s collection of electrical and engineering components. Those bits and pieces influenced the artist so much, he now uses a different kind of collection of bits and pieces to create the collaged Litter Bugs shown here.


Muscle Bug


Scuttle Bug


Gullet Beetle


I love the Gullet Beetle – can you see the recycled vintage tin pieces? Click on the images to see the details.


Pastry Beetles


Oliver, an award winning illustrator for print, television and children’s books, puts a great deal of energy and time into sourcing materials that he transforms into this colorful collection.


patman, chase, levav, macku and sparfel bring these animals to life

Last night I posted a picture on Facebook of my daughter and granddaughter sleeping. The photo was a hit largely because their cat, who was sleeping alongside them, had his paw across the baby holding the baby close to him while he snuggled her back. Very sweet moment.

We do love our animals. And they love us. From time to time I will bring you a bevy of beautiful animals created by artists who share a love of the animal world. We begin this journey with five artists who create animals with recycled materials. Be prepared to say “Wow!”

(ps. you can see the picture of that very sweet moment here)

Andrew Chase uses discarded car and plumbing parts to build robotic animal sculptures that are nothing short of awesome. The elephant’s trunk moves up and down, its ears fan out and move back and forth – heck, it can even stand on its hind legs!


Every animal in his stable is fully articulated. No need to ask who shot these dramatic photos. This serious artist is seriously talented – he is also a photographer.

Watch Chase’s cheetah chasing something. . .WOW!

England’s Dean Patman describes himself as always having been “a little nutty about animals.” He says that early on teachers knew the best way to engage him was to make his learning process about animals (kudos to the teachers for finding a creative way to help a student learn). I’m partial to the lobster – looks like it was made with lobster forks and an old shoe last.



Patman’s insects are equally interesting. . .if I read the description correctly, the Praying Mantis was constructed from old violin parts. Well done.



Nirit Levav does a wonderful job of capturing expression and posture in her dog sculptures with nothing more than clunky old bicycle chains.






A native of France, Marc Sparfel  now lives in Spain where he creates wood animals from old furniture. When he moved to Barcelona he was surprised by the amount of furniture abandoned on the streets of the city. Inspired to find a way to salvage the wood, he began to incorporate it into his art. LOVE this menagerie!


Give Pina Macku some old floorboards and a few old tools and she will spin them around into fish, bovine and birds. Her nickname for the sculptures? Agricultural Animals. Works for me.


Featured Artists Week Of 8/26/2013:

Andrew Chase

Dean Patman 

Nirit Levav

Marc Sparfel

Pina Macku 

It’s nothing new on DAM for me to share artist’s interpretations of the animal world. Take a look at ten from the archives:

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home sweet home: house as art

My daughter and her family are busy packing and getting ready to move into new digs next month. As I listen to her talk excitedly during this time of transition, I find myself reflecting on the concept of house and home. I’m not the only one – it seems to be a common theme for artists. This week we look at how artists use a variety of media to depict house, home, town, city.


The artist known as Demiak ( Maarten Demmink) makes small sculptures of dilapidated houses from reclaimed materials including wood and tin. I couldn’t find much information about the artist but it looks like he creates some of the work specifically to photograph scenes of flooding and devastation.



Paris based Isabelle Bonte’s wire and paper shack-like houses are wistful. . .when I look at them, high above solid ground on their spindly wire foundations, I want to know more about the people who might dwell there. Love the ladders that don’t quite get you to the ground. . .




Isabelle Bonte

Continuing our international trek, another Paris based artist, Mathilde Nivet, creates pop-up landscape wall sculptures from found papers, wood and cardboard. Nivet creates set designs and window displays for a growing, impressive list of clients.




 [click HERE to see this image full size] 


 Mathilde Nivet

France’s Cécile Dachary uses white cotton thread to crochet cityscape installations of houses that are simply dreamy and ethereal. As the artist reminds us,”like all cities, my city is not perfect, sometimes elegant, sometimes askew.”


 [click image to view full size] 

Cécile Dachary 

A little closer to home, Rob Matthews and Leslie Guinan combine different media with concrete in their California studio as they build large and small house sculptures rich in character. Glass, encaustic or image transfers of photographs often find their way into the structures, creating a surprising harmony.


Rob Matthews and Leslie Guinan 

Featured Artists Week of August 19, 2013


Isabelle Bonte

Mathilde Nivet

Cécile Dachary

Rob Matthews and Leslie Guinan 

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See you next week!

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