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edgar zuñiga jimenez’s reclaimed wood and metal columns

Acclaimed painter and sculptor Edgar Zuñiga Jimenez creates figurative columns from wood, clay, iron and steel.




The wood columns are carved from antique ceiling beams, adding to their allure.


“I use the column as the base and support of my artistic expression. On the column I develop different formal languages; I position on them sculpted faces or anatomical fragments, especially on wooden columns obtained from old or demolished houses from the Central Valley of Costa Rica. Through them, I am expressing the loss of the collective memory and values.”


While I am most drawn to the reclaimed wood columns with carved faces, his steel columns with clay figures holding up, holding on and holding out speak to me of a quiet power within.








Edgar Zuñiga’s website (where I found most of this information) seems to be having some issues at the moment, but you can see more on his Facebook Page.

kim schoenberger: expressions of love

“Teabags, like life, are delicate yet strong, fragile yet resilient, stained with the spreading of warm comfort.”


Close Knit CommUNITY
1000 sewn and spun recycled tea bags, thread

Queensland artist Kim Schoenberger gathered thousands of discarded tea bags for her exhibitions, Expressions Of Love (2010) and Expressions Of Love II (2014). She used an antique treadle Singer sewing machine to sew the tea bags together, creating quilts, cushions, fans, rugs, doilies and other items in honor of her mother, who died in 2005.


 Evening Gloves, recycled tea bags, thread, porcelain


 Knitting In Progress, recycled tea bags, linen thread, porcelain


Ladies Parasol
recycled tea bags, thread, wood, wire, paint and porcelain


Ladies Fan,  Ladies Handkerchief and Evening Purse
tea bags, crocheted and stitched, porcelain


Schoenberger shares her thoughts on the inspiration and motivation behind the collections, asking us to ponder these questions: “Are the days gone when grandmothers passed on the skills… to knit, crochet or sew? Once these skills were part of daily life and in some cases a neccessity… when ‘recycle’ meant the re-use of items in new ways for comfort in the home. Today ‘recycle’ seems to mean ‘dumping it’ in the yellow-lidded bin. As time escapes us, do we need to consider living life more simply and lightly, being observant of what (or who) we discard?”

Kim Schoenberger’s website


I’m back. Stay tuned for more from daMuse!


tony fredricksson’s driftwood sculptures

South Africa’s Tony Fredricksson creates driftwood sculptures unlike any I have seen before.       fredricksson_ballerina

The Ballerina

In an interview with Alison Nicholls (Art Inspired by Africa) Fredricksson tells of his earliest memories making art –  creating his own little world of plasticine figures. fredricksson_elephant_head

 Elephant Head


Yellow Billed Hornbill

As an adult he enjoyed successful endeavors in commercial art, printing and eventually resin castings of animal sculptures (almost 7,000 hand-painted, limited edition sculptures) before he began making driftwood sculptures seven years ago.


I kinda love the whimsical photos of the artist with his work. . .I know you can see the pig, but did you realize that the sax is one of his sculptures too?


“What I have found to be a rewarding part of this kind of sculpture is the exploration and discovery of the weathered pieces of wood.”


Because who wouldn’t want to hug a rhino?

Tony Fredricksson’s website

Read more about his journey in the full interview here.

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