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christi anderson: 2012 saul bell award winner

She’s a storyteller. Each diminutive piece, complete with intricately carved details, is meant to transport the viewer to a different place.

Inside The Ruins

Tree Trunk Fairy House

Windows and doors are almost always present in Christi Anderson’s PMC  (Precious Metal Clay) jewelry – a sure sign that when opened, you will enter a magical place.

Anderson recently won a Saul Bell Award for the necklace above – 1st Place in the Metal Clay category. Well deserved. I’m smitten.

Hearts and more hearts

The Garden of Good and Evil Book

I ♥ the hearts; want to jump into the story lockets and throw away the keys; want to know the secrets in every book. . .

Christi Anderson’s website


wanaree tanner’s winning entry

A recent shout out on Facebook by Tonya Davidson, congratulating Wanaree Tanner on winning First Prize in Art Clay World’s North American Design Competition, sent me on a hunt for more from this self-taught artist.

Anam Cara, art clay copper soldered on to silver clay

Anam Cara means spiritual friend. A true spiritual friend will guide us past all the beauty and distraction of our many layers to the truth that resides within. Wanaree Tanner


Anam Cara on display

Tanner’s winning entry, Anam Cara, isn’t just a metal clay vessel holding a necklace, it is a story about the journey inward. She begins to unravel the story for us by explaining “Generally I believe everybody is at least three people, the person the world sees, the person our loved ones see, and our true self. Sometimes I think we tend to close ourselves off from the outside world, work very hard to decorate our outer selves, and hope that that’s all people will see us for and yet hate it when they do. To me it’s the deepest conflict of self, this desire to have the world embrace who we truly are, yet afraid of the vulnerability this position puts us in.” On her blog, Tanner addresses how each original illustration and component of Anam Cara represents her belief. Read the whole story here.

Tanner’s vessels appeal to my love of the container as art – perhaps I’ve been searching for a container to hold and protect my inner self? Something for me to think about today.

When Apart, Always Together

When Apart, Always Together – open

Book of Kells, Tree of Life

Wanaree Tanner’s website
Etsy shop
Flicker stream

sue mcnenly’s framed pmc vignettes

My daughter is in town today – it’s her first time visiting me in my little room above the ocean and it was love at first sight for her.  We are going to spend the day playing – you know, doing girly things – she’s a soon-to-be 29 year old woman but she’ll always be my little girl.


While we play, take a look Sue McNenly’s whimsical, framed fine silver vignettes. This is a nice application of PMC and a welcome departure from jewelry – gives us a chance to see there is more to Precious Metal Clay than we thought.

Twisted Sister

Nose In A Book

“. . .for those who want to be reminded of a simpler time when kids had to learn to tie shoelaces, and school photo retakes only happened if the photographer forgot to put film in the camera.”

Water Baby
via Gera Chandler

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