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anna silberstein’s etched acrylic and miniature scenes

I wasn’t able to find much information about Anna Silberstein, but from what I pieced together (oh, Google Translate, sometimes you make me chuckle) it looks like she engraves shoji acrylic to create many of her pieces.






The German-born artist also creates miniature worlds inside of rings, pendants and earrings. Fun!




Her photograph of the jewelry above is fanciful and brilliant.

Anna Silberstein

what do tickle, dicaprio, wyganowski, d’agostino and gao have in common?

We are switching it up here on DAM! Until life returns to a more gentle rhythm for daMuse my posts will be mostly WEEKLY instead of DAILY. That’s a full weekly dose of inspiration for you in one post. WAM!

Jewelry is a huge category – in future posts I will break it down into manageable bites – perhaps by medium or by type. This week I simply chose five jewelry artists whose work made me want to know more about the process, the message or the form. So what do these five artists have in common? They caught my discerning eye!

Shiying Gao’s transformation of a humble material is astounding. The artist carves and dyes recycled plastic bottles, forming jewelry like the rings below. Reminiscent of delicate flower petals, in this case an orchid or a rose. So lovely.



 Shiying Gao

Wood and precious metals are Daniel Dicaprio’s materials of choice when creating jewelry. Representative of the ‘vaguely biological’ forms he prefers, the two pieces pictured here were crafted using Ebony and silver.


dicaprio_wrapDaniel DiCaprio

Lauren Vanessa Tickle patiently and painstakingly cuts currency, setting the money into metal to make a statement about value. I love the complex shapes, the swirls, the hint of motion.




Lauren Vanessa Tickle

Husband and wife team Alice and Jakub Wyganowski have been collaborating on jewelry design for thirty years. I am drawn to the pieces in their collection that offer soft curves and subtle movement.




Alice and Jakub Wyganowski 

Finishing where we started, let’s take a look at another artist who uses recycled plastic to create jewelry. Kristin D’Agostino cuts, scores, pierces and arranges plastic take-out containers in pleasing patterns and shapes in her Take Out series. The brooches have a decidedly Asian feel to them and immediately bring to mind Japanese paper fans and kimono fabric.


Kristin D’Agostino


Featured Artists Week Of 8/12/2013

Shiying Gao

Daniel Dicaprio

Lauren Vanessa Tickle

Alice and Jakub Wyganowski

Kristin D’Agostino

 WordPress Basics eClass

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seulgi kwon’s silicone and silver

Korea’s Seulgi Kwon has created a collection of jewelry from silicone and silver that defies description. The work is bold and daring – a cross between organic and other-worldly. Kwon holds a Master of Fine Art, Metalwork and Jewelry from Kookmin University in Korea. She’s one to watch.

Cell 12
necklace, silicone, pigment, sterling silver, ceramic color, thread

Cell 1-2
brooch, silicone, pigment, sterling silver, thread, stainless steel

Hidden Instinct – Fragile Dream
brooch, silicone, pigment, plastic, thread, pearl, stainless steel


A Forest Of Phantasm Ⅰ
brooch, silicone, pigment, plastic, thread, pearl, stainless steel

Bloom Of Youth Ⅳ
brooch, silicone, pigment, glass bead, thread, stainless steel

brooch, silicone, pigment thread, plastic, glass bead, stainless steel

Cell 16
brooch, silicone, pigment, feather, stainless steel


Seulgi Kwon’s website

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