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lucie houdková: plastic tape jewelry

Polypropylene tape wrapped and twisted into shapes somehow become jewelry – Cocoons – one of several collections from Lucie Houdková.

lucie cocoon 1


lucie cocoon 2


lucie cocoon 6

Houdková says her process of layering and winding is meditative as she creates the cocoons (named for the shape of caterpillar cocoons). Each one is made by hand with tape, epoxy and elastic, often layered inside of each other to form necklaces, pendants and earrings.

lucie cocoon 7


lucie cocoon 5


lucie cocoon 4


lucie cocoon 3

They seem to be both organic and space-age at the same time. Innovative designs and material.

Lucie Houdková’s website.


cai-xuan wu: laser cut ‘knitted’ forms

Taiwan’s Cai-Xuan Wu created an interesting collection of jewelry by applying textile techniques and laser cutting technology to sheets of acrylic.






 Images above: Under The Sea Series, acrylic 


Wu transforms 2 dimensional sheets of acrylic into sculptural forms by ‘knitting’ the cut plastic. For the Plankton Series, the artist cut 100 sheets using the same pattern, then applied the unconventional ‘knitting’ technique to create 100 different forms. Lots of inspiration in these shapes. . .






Images above: Plankton Series, acrylic, pearls

“My challenge is to use non-textile materials to transform a traditional craft technique into a contemporary art work which pushes the boundary of material and making technique.” Cai-Xuan Wu

Cai-Xuan Wu’s website

Cai-Xuan Wu on ArtsThread

tzuri gueta: forging his own path

It’s been several years since I posted about Tzuri Gueta’s jewelry –  a recent visit to his website shows he’s been quite busy creating jewelry, textiles and furniture.






Using a technique he developed and patented, Gueta and his team inject silk with silicone to create a unique type of textile he calls Silicone Lace. No machines, no molds, all handmade.








Gueta, who likes silicone for its strength and flexibility, has created an impressive collection – do check all of his catalogues for a bevy of unusual shapes and sizes. The colors POP. The shapes bring to mind sea life and pods. The flexibility of the material is sexy. Love.





Get a closer look at Gueta’s work and process in the two videos below:


Tzuri Gueta’s website

Gueta’s Jewelry Catalogues

Previous post on Daily Art Muse

Video 1

Video 2


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