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seth clark: on the brink of ruin

I’m fascinated by Seth Clark’s work and process. Recently named Emerging Artist Of The Year by Pittsburgh Center For The Arts, Clark creates collages of deteriorating architecture, using layers of digital images and found papers to create depth and definition, then drawing and painting on top of the collages.

Be sure to click on the images to see them full size.

Seth Clark Mass llMass II, 144” x 72” triptych
Collage, Charcoal, Pastel, Acrylic, Graphite on Wood

 He first creates digital collages in Photoshop – taking pieces of images he sources online or his own photographs, and combining them together to create buildings that appear to be collapsing onto themselves. A window from one photo, a wall from another. . .once the general structure is complete, he sketches it out and then begins to collage the papers. Layers of papers, ink washes and more paper and then he draws on the collaged piece. Wow. That’s all. Wow.


Seth Clark Mass l
Mass I, 72” x 84” diptych
Collage, Charcoal, Pastel, Acrylic, Graphite on Wood


Seth Clark Collapse Xll
 Collapse Xll, 36” x 36”
Collage, Charcoal, Pastel, Acrylic, Graphite on Wood


Seth Clark Collapse Xll detail
Collapse Xll, detail

 “Among all of the clutter—the shards of wood and layers of rubble—there remains a gentle resolve. It is as if the buildings were content with their circumstance. As I work, I study these structures incessantly. They are on the brink of ruin, yet appear dignified in their state. Something very energized and present is trying to escape out of a slow history of abandonment.”

Seth Clark Installed


Seth Clark In Progress
Work In Progress

“Nature will overcome. It usually does. Even on the smallest level of these pieces, they’re made from paper and they’re sensitive to sunlight. Every little piece of these paintings individually is weathered and in a state of decay. Architecture and buildings, as hard as we try to defend them against the elements—we won’t win.” Seth Clark, from an interview in The Fourth River. Read the full interview here.
Seth Clark’s website

Many thanks to Donna Penoyer for letting me know about this amazing artist.

katarina pridavkova’s streetscapes – and giveaway winners!

Slovakian artist Katarina Pridavkova describes herself as a ‘surrealist painter and sculptor’. Using a combination of found materials, cardboard, paper, metal and ceramics she is fast becoming known for creating fantastical streetscapes.


Katerina Pridavkova


Katarina Pridavkova Studio Table


Living and studying in Spain led to Pridavkova building an imaginary mini-city, inspired by the streets of Mallorca, a caricature of the city. Her thesis project, Grow Up, was meant to invite people into her imaginary world. I accept her invitation. . .I would love to jump into the streets and live there for awhile. . .


Katerina Pridavkova, Mallorca 2


Katerina Pridavkova, Mallorca


Katarina Pridavkova, Foxie


Katarina Pridavkova, Foxie detail


Katerina Pridavkova With Sculptures


Katarina Pridavkova doesn’t have a website, but you can follow her on Instagram and Facebook. Lots and lots of process shots, sketches, and different views of these charming streets. Looks like a few of the artist’s houses and paintings are for sale here.

Giveaway Winners!

My birthday week giveaway ended yesterday and today we have three winners! Sofia celebrated by eating sorbet – we hope all of the winners have as much fun as she did!

Sofia Spooning

 Sofia Spooning

 And the winners are. . .

One Hour Consultation with daMuse. . . . . . . . . . . .Christine O’Connor

One Hour Consultation with daMuse. . . . . . . . . . . .Carole Monohan

60% off price of Squarespace Website Setup. . . . . Sigal Druckman

Many thanks to everyone who played along and congratulations to the winners – I will be in touch next week with each of you to let you know next steps!

rachel blair: longing to belong

Looking for a way to express feelings of homesickness and a long-held desire to belong, Rachel Blair created a collection of jewelry focused on the idea of a ‘sense of place’.

Rachel Blair, Restricted Deep Yellow Brooch

Restricted Deep Yellow Brooch

Exploring the psychology of attachment to a place and its memories, the recent graduate of Glasgow School of Art used silver and gold frames to capture hand dyed, tension set wound papers and ink stained tape tightly wound around metal frames.

Rachel Blair, Bound Brooch

Bound Brooch, ink stained tape, white metal, copper

Rachel Blair, Work in Progress

Work in progress

“The sensitivity of the fragile papers held in by pressure and tension; create an uneasiness and sadness, although aesthetically beautiful in muted tones of blue and green.”Rachel Blair, Constrained

Constrained Brooch

Rachel Blair, Held

Held Neckpiece

Rachel Blair is one to watch. . .I look forward to her next collection.

Rachel Blair’s website

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