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brylcreem commercial is brylliant!

I don’t watch television commercials.  I don’t even watch television. But Sam Veale’s silky smooth tricks make this Brylcreem commercial a work of art and worthy of one minute of my time.  They wanted someone who could make life seem effortless.  They got the right guy.

Watch how they shot the video (decidedly NOT effortless) here.

Do you feel like you’ve got too many balls in the air?  Veale makes that look effortless too (click on #1). I’ve got a busy week ahead – if I drop the ball and miss a post I hope you’ll forgive me!

links via haha.nu

flickr symmetry explorer

Pick a tag, topic, subject – heck, pick a word, any word. Pop it into the Symmetry Explorer search bar and Flickr will find pictures and automagically create mirrored pairs. The results range from interesting to downright weird. If you don’t have time to waste, do not click on the link! Symmetry Explorer

This looks like an interesting idea for a ring, yes?

Here is the original image from Arwen Abendstern’s Flickr photostream – a coffee mug with a single stem of chrysanthemum.

Might be a way to explore unusual shapes and patterns – take a look at the results from the word ‘felting’.

neo cube

The Neo Cube might be a new tool to help you design your next piece of jewelry. Made up of rare-earth magnets, this toy promises hours of fun.

Might even help me come up with a few ideas for vessels or beads. The Neo Cube is a little pricey, but I think I see one in my future…

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