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susan elnora: fabricated animal skeletons

New Mexico based metalsmith Susan Elnora translates imagery that “reflects a connection to spirit, awareness, curiosity and playfulness” into collections of silver and gold jewelry.

Susan Elnora Buffalo Skill

Buffalo Skull, sterling and oxidized silver

Shapes are sawed, filed, folded, forged and soldered together using recycled metals.

Susan Elnora Bird Skull

Crow Skull Necklace, sterling silver

She believes jewelry can be more than just a way to adorn our bodies and her work explores jewelry as powerful expression of memories, dreams and intentions as well as a symbol of our personal myths.

Susan Elnora Frog & Lily Pad Necklace

Frog Skeleton & Lily Pad Necklace, sterling silver, 18k gold
[The frog has eight riveted joints and the lotus flower has rotating petals]

Susan Elnora Frog Skeleton Sketches

The images here are from her Animals and Birds collections – I found myself mesmerized by the lines and details of the skeletons, and the message they might hold for the wearer. Please do check out her Landscapes collection too. Nicely done.

Susan Elnora Hidden Window Raven Necklace

Hidden Window Raven Necklace, sterling silver, 14k gold
[riveted wing opens to reveal window containing 14k rose gold skull]


Susan Elnora’s website

You can also find her on Facebook

linda threadgill: rosette series

Freshly fallen snow this morning (an April Fool’s joke perhaps?) finds me longing for hints from Mother Nature that Spring is really here.


Looking at Linda Threadgill’s fanciful metal, multi-layered brooch’s from her Rosette series gave me a much needed burst of color and hope – they are so vibrant and bold!  Beautiful layering of texture, pattern, color and shape.




Threadgill coordinated the metals program at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater for twenty five years. Now retired and living in Santa Fe, she is a full time studio artist.




“I find many aspects of ornament compelling. The stylization of nature, motifs that are enhanced through repetition, the constraints of symmetry and other design strategies on natural forms, the use of pattern as a way to measure time, as well as ornament’s ability to mask or create illusions are all the focus of my work. Most recently I have added an exploration of color and layering to the textured surfaces I have always used.”


Linda Threadgill’s website

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