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elyn blake: drusy and a mother’s inspiration

I’m busy behind the scenes at DAM and DIYAW, getting ready to launch a new class and a new service – exciting stuff! Popping in quickly today to share these sweet, sweet handbag brooches by Elyn Blake.


Inspired by her mother’s 1950’s antique handbags, Blake’s designs have evolved over the years.


She uses a quartz drusy with sterling silver or 14k gold, mixing shapes and colors and sparkle in just the right amount. . .







Elyn Blake’s website

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edgar zuñiga jimenez’s reclaimed wood and metal columns

Acclaimed painter and sculptor Edgar Zuñiga Jimenez creates figurative columns from wood, clay, iron and steel.




The wood columns are carved from antique ceiling beams, adding to their allure.


“I use the column as the base and support of my artistic expression. On the column I develop different formal languages; I position on them sculpted faces or anatomical fragments, especially on wooden columns obtained from old or demolished houses from the Central Valley of Costa Rica. Through them, I am expressing the loss of the collective memory and values.”


While I am most drawn to the reclaimed wood columns with carved faces, his steel columns with clay figures holding up, holding on and holding out speak to me of a quiet power within.








Edgar Zuñiga’s website (where I found most of this information) seems to be having some issues at the moment, but you can see more on his Facebook Page.

yuri tozuka: articulated jewelry

The pull towards articulated art has always been strong for me. Metalsmith Yuri Tozuka’s work satisfies all that I like about articulation. Tozuka draws from imagination and experience as a special effects make-up professional to create these oh-so-small articulated metal neckpieces.



Companion, sterling silver, fine silver, brain coral, garnet onyx




 Twins, sterling silver, fine silver, citrine, blue topaz


Us, sterling silver, brain coral

Note the elegant closures for each neckpiece. Love.


“Surreal elements, such as dark humor, satire and illogical notion, also influence my work. Such ideas and imagery come out when they have something to encounter and reflect within actual life. I strive to visualize this interplay of two worlds within my work. For that reason, I carefully select representational forms as visual elements or inspiration, such as human anatomy, insects or ordinary objects.”

Yuri Tozuka’s website

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