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linda threadgill: rosette series

Freshly fallen snow this morning (an April Fool’s joke perhaps?) finds me longing for hints from Mother Nature that Spring is really here.


Looking at Linda Threadgill’s fanciful metal, multi-layered brooch’s from her Rosette series gave me a much needed burst of color and hope – they are so vibrant and bold!  Beautiful layering of texture, pattern, color and shape.




Threadgill coordinated the metals program at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater for twenty five years. Now retired and living in Santa Fe, she is a full time studio artist.




“I find many aspects of ornament compelling. The stylization of nature, motifs that are enhanced through repetition, the constraints of symmetry and other design strategies on natural forms, the use of pattern as a way to measure time, as well as ornament’s ability to mask or create illusions are all the focus of my work. Most recently I have added an exploration of color and layering to the textured surfaces I have always used.”


Linda Threadgill’s website

elyn blake: drusy and a mother’s inspiration

I’m busy behind the scenes at DAM and DIYAW, getting ready to launch a new class and a new service – exciting stuff! Popping in quickly today to share these sweet, sweet handbag brooches by Elyn Blake.


Inspired by her mother’s 1950’s antique handbags, Blake’s designs have evolved over the years.


She uses a quartz drusy with sterling silver or 14k gold, mixing shapes and colors and sparkle in just the right amount. . .







Elyn Blake’s website

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