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e. douglas wunder: titanium constructions

Every piece of E. Douglas Wunder’s jewelry begins as a graphic drawing on paper. He transforms the drawings into three dimensional constructions that have a distinct industrial feel and tone.

Ring Of Fire

Wunder hand cuts most of the metal sheet, tubing and wire used for each piece – occasionally using laser cut technology for some of the components in his complex, multi-layered titanium collections.

DK1 Pendant


DK1 Pendant, detail


Metallic Rose

“Little holes are arranged on the multiple parts with a drill press. Small wires are then fitted through. Measured pieces of tubing are beaded on to serve as spacers. This becomes a repeated layering activity and finished by having the wire ends tapped (rivets) with a hammer and anvil. The completed piece will incorporate my aesthetic concerns combined with the engineering elements that reflect my visual style.”

Cutting the metal


The pieces before assembly


Putting it all together

E. Douglas Wunder’s website


ann marie cianciolo: raven messengers

When I see sculpture or jewelry that speaks to me and begin my research about the artist, very often I discover I showcased the artist years ago (thank you Google).

Ann Marie Cianciolo, It's My Birthday & I'll Squawk If I Want To

 It’s My Birthday & I’ll Squawk If I Want To

After almost 9 years and more than 3,500 posts I don’t remember every artist I’ve showcased – that’s what happened with Ann Marie Cianciolo. I had forgotten her whimsical brooches made me smile when I was on an inner journey back in 2009.

Ann Marie Cianciolo, Where She Stops, Nobody Knows

 Where She Stops, Nobody Knows

I’m on a different journey these days, and when I came across her sculptural bird rings I was reminded that a raven came to visit me last week, swooping down right at face level and hovering for several seconds before flying away.

Ann Marie Cianciolo, Mine-Mine


Ravens are messengers and I have a good idea of the message the raven was bringing to me. Likely not as humorous as the messages brought to you by Cianciolo’s silver, gold and copper ravens, but a welcome message, nonetheless.

Ann Marie Cianciolo, Flip The Bird

Flip The Bird

I hope you enjoy these ravens and their lighthearted approach to this crazy world we inhabit.

Ann Marie Cianciolo, Bird On A Wire

 Bird On A Wire

I also love this necklace. The bird moves on the wire and the wheel on the unicycle moves too!

Ann Marie Cianciolo’s website

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