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sowon joo’s conceptual jewelry

Sowon Joo’s portfolio of conceptual jewelry made me want to speak in hushed tones. Somehow she is able to effectively show us the soft side of hard metal. Delicate. Ethereal. Lovely.












The conceptual jewelry portfolio is extensive – but you also want to look at her custom jewelry, sculpture and tableware. Plentiful skill and talent, for sure.

Sowon Joo’s website


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scott roach’s assemblage sculptures

California sculptor Scott Roach creates wood and metal assemblages with rich textures, colors and shapes that beg to be viewed closer, closer still.


18″H x 65″W x 2″D
carved and painted mahogany

Roach carves, burns, hammers, colors, and sands the surfaces of each piece until he achieves the desired patterns, colors and textures on the wood and metal.


20″H x36″W x 3″D

“The challenge is to come up with a piece that invites the hand and the eye to enjoy the experience, and the mind to smile. And, like a desert canyon, to invite you to explore the hidden beauty within.” Scott Roach


Taking root
48″H x 22″W x 4″D
walnut carved and torched, figured cottonwood, poplar
carved and bronze coated, steel, patinaed copper


 Spectral Morning
48″H x 8″W x 3″D
mahogany, padouk, torched ash,
carved and painted maple, patinaed copper 


Spectral Morning, detail

He surrenders to the random nature of some of the processes involved, like the chemical reaction of patina on metal.


Eye of the wind
30″H x 60″W x 3″D
padouk, maple, mahogany, bubinga, bamboo, patinaed brass


36″H x 28″W x 2″D
ipe, maple, wenge, bubinga, curly maple, bamboo,
patinaed brass, perforated aluminum

Every now and then I come across large-scale wall sculpture that makes me do a double take because in my mind I have translated the sculpture into jewelry – usually brooches. I see the potential for small-scale here. Do you?

Scott Roach’s website

sharmen liao knits wire

Sharmen Liao ran a successful computer design company for more than a decade, until she went back to her first love, knitting.


Always curious and ready to explore, she began to work with unusual materials, eventually knitting and crocheting with wire to create jewelry and handbags.


“The thrill of shaping textures and forms out of a single continuous line fascinates me.  I have always surrounded myself with fibers, yarns, and textiles, collected in Italy and elsewhere.  I love to combine unexpected materials, or experiment with unconventional methods and elements.” Sharmen Liao

liao4Using techniques commonly seen in textiles, Liao knits with sterling covered copper wire and decorates with semi precious stones.



I’ve been trying to teach myself how to crochet with wire since I bought all of the supplies and instructions quite some time ago. I recently decided it takes the patience of a saint. I.Am.No.Saint. I’m going to leave the wire knitting and crochet to her. Lovely work.

Sharmen Liao’s website



Registration Open For The February 2014 Session

robert farrell’s barns, silos and towers

I’m drawn to the simple lines and beautiful craftsmanship of Robert Farrell’s hollow-formed barns, silos and water towers.


Red Wharf, sterling, copper, nickel, enamel, 12″ x 7″h


White Silos, sterling, copper, enamel, 22″h


Orange Tower, sterling, nickel, enamel on copper, 22″h

Farrell forms the sculptures using sterling silver, copper and nickel, enhancing them with ground-glass enamel and 23k gold leaf.


Tall Green Barn, sterling, copper, enamel, 23k gold leaf, 12″h


Red Leaning Silo, sterling, copper, nickel, enamel, 13″h


White Barn II, sterling, nickel, enamel on copper, 14″h


 Blue Silo and White Barn, sterling, copper, nickel, enamel, 16″h

He describes this new body of work as being “about memories, childhood, places I’ve lived and seen, people I remember and, some of it is simply made to make me smile.”


Rumination On My Choice Of Career


 Visitation, sterling, nickel, copper, wood, paper, 23k gold leaf, 34″h


Visitation, detail

The wall pieces feel like reliquaries to me. . .ripe with meaning.


Robert Farrell’s website

barbara walter’s miniature toy rings

While Barbara Walter’s portfolio is brimming with a variety of rings that incorporate moving parts (architectural, toy, bearing bears, race rings), necklaces, vessels and other finely crafted metal wonders, I was drawn to the collection of rings that are powered by gears to create movement in each ring.

Two Finger Carousel Ring Toy 

Sometimes life feels like a Carousel Ride, an Amusement Park and a Three Ring Circus all rolled in to one and that’s certainly what it feels like in my little corner of the world right now so this collection of rings hit my funny bone at just the right time. Kudos to Walter for making this fan smile with her imaginative gear rings.


Amusement Park Ring Toy


Three Ring Circus With Ringmaster


Barbara Walter

Disappearing Act

I should be a magician. I am certainly getting the hang of disappearing from DAM, aren’t I? Two weeks ago I went to see my mom for a short visit but it quickly became a visit of a different kind. Soon after I arrived an unexpected trip to the hospital for her resulted in a several-day hospital stay. She is now home resting comfortably and I am with her, where I will remain indefinitely. I have access to my computer again and will continue my work from here.

I apologize for another interruption to the daily flow of DAM posts just when I thought I was on a roll again. However, I’m pretty sure you will agree that Mama comes first!

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