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anne gant’s hot glass drawings

Anne Gant created her own process of printing and drawing with glass that is both fascinating and haunting.  Gant, who hails from New York, currently lives in Amsterdam where she blows and sculpts hot glass into shapes and lines, pressing the glass into wet sheets of rag paper while the glass is still smoking hot.

The process destroys the glass – all that remains is the mark it has made on the paper. She has a Master’s Degree in Glassblowing, a BFA in Sculpture/Glass and a BA in Writing and Art Criticism.

The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune, 120″w x 90″ h


“The soul of glass is its heat. These prints function as maps of that heat. They reveal a secret aspect of the glass normally known only to the maker.” Anne Gant

Watch the video below to see the artist at work and listen as Gant eloquently describes her process. Wonderful!


“The casual viewer may not instantly spot that these prints are made from glass, but no other material would be able to create these high-temperature, organic burns. They have a richness, translucency and liquidity that is an echo of the original glass form. The resulting burnt impressions have a high level of detail as the burns pass through layers of paper and also create embossed areas. They range in color from areas of rich, dense blacks to smoky sepias and watery yellows. The burns are full of light- they have a mysterious photographic quality; in some areas they look as if they are backlit.” Anne Gant

jiro kamata: through the lens

After traditional jewelry training in Japan, Jiro Kamata continued his studies at Akademie der Bildenden Kunste in Munich, where he began to experiment with different materials, including camera lenses.


Momentopia Brooch, blackened silver, lacquer, camera lenses

Arboresque brooches, painted camera lenses, blackened silver

While Kamata explored camera lenses as a subject, his experiments led him to the discovery that painting the back of each lens resulted in “the deepest black and brightest white imaginable” while reflection and refraction of light gave the glass a rainbow of color.

Momentopia Necklaces, camera lenses, lacquer, blackened silver

Represented by Ornamentum Gallery in Hudson, New York, the gallery’s  website describes the viewer’s experience this way: “While the observer studies the jewelry object, a reflection on the mysteries of the surrounding environment, not to mention the memories and experiences that have passed through the glass within it’s lifetime, become an intrinsic part of the encounter.”

The artist’s earlier work includes necklaces made from plastic sunglass lenses that have been laser etched and combined with blackened silver.

Sunny Pendant, plastic sunglass lens, laser carving, blackened silver

christiane theise’s tagua nut jewelry

The last week of September brought crazy weather, internet woes and minor mishaps to my days. I’m riding out the weather away from home and hope to be back (along with the sun) tomorrow, no worse for the wear. Dozens of emails are waiting for a response and I will start catching up to all of you over the weekend!


German goldsmith Christiane Theise combines silver and gold with tagua nuts, which she carves and pigments in this pod-inspired collection of jewelry. Theise shakes things up by using the silver and gold as accents while letting the organic matter take center stage. Nicely done.

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