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laura balombini: new work, new website

As promised, I’m back with news from another artist I recently worked with and she has new work and a new website to share! I first became aware of Laura Balombini several years ago when she was telling stories with her polymer/wire and polymer/found object figures. To this day I still consider her polymer work some of the best I’ve seen.

balombini studio

Today Laura is using different materials to share her considerable talents as a 2D/3D storyteller. The results continue to bring joy, color, light and often a touch of whimsy to our lives.

Click image for full effect

balombini abstract installed

 A Balombini abstract painting installed. 36″x36″
It pulls the entire room together.

When Laura contacted me a few months ago for assistance organizing the content and handling the initial setup for her new SquareSpace site I was happy I had room in my schedule. I’ve long been an ardent fan of both her work and her unstoppable spirit.


Balombini knows her way around the back end of a website and she is no stranger to creating a lovely showcase for her work. This time when she was ready for a new site she was quite busy and chose to reach out for assistance. I was happy to be of service and Laura made my job easy. She got content to me quickly, asked lots of questions, experimented a bit, had a good idea of what she wanted. And it shows. Her site looks great!

balombini at work

 The artist at work

Laura’s work can be found in several places on the web. Now she has a clean, elegant home base for paintings (ranging in size from 9″x9″ to 36″x36″) and Coreline’s Closet, her line of artfully refashioned women’s clothing.

Laura Balombini’s website.

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 Work With Me

Need help? I work with a limited number of artists at a time, assisting with website creation, maintenance, curation consulting and coaching. I LOVE what I do and the artists who share their work and dreams with me. More info here, or contact me here with your needs and requests.



tracy holmes: breakthroughcolour cards + cubes

I’ve been laying low attending to family, but wanted to pop in and share news from two artists I’ve had the pleasure of working with recently.

breakthroughcolour cards + cubes

When Tracy Holmes showed me her BreakThroughColour Cards + Cubes via a Skype call several months ago, my color-challenged-self let out a squeal of delight. Holmes’ hold-in-your-hands system of understanding and exploring color is a game-changer and in just a few minutes I realized a whole new world had opened up for me.

The magic is in the codes. . .

btc color side

btc code side

Tracy was ready to move forward with BreakThroughColour, which she has been developing for three years. She contacted me because she needed a coach/consultant/guide to help refine her strategy for getting the first product manufactured and to keep her on-task throughout the process. I enjoyed every minute of assisting her. Check out the campaign and see why. . .

Holmes launched the BTC KickStarter campaign on June 19th. It quickly became a Staff Pick and was fully funded in just 3 hours. THREE HOURS!

btc colors

Three weeks later BTC reached another huge milestone – 1000% funded! More than 400 people around the world have backed the project so far (over $50,000 CAD). WOW! The BreakThroughColour Cards + Cubes KickStarter campaign has less than a week to go and backing the project now ensures you pay the lowest price. I couldn’t wait another minute to tell you about BTC because I don’t want you to miss this exciting opportunity.

Here’s what other folks are saying about the NEW system that is truly color for both sides of your brain:

 “an ultimate color tool for teachers, students, designers, artists and color enthusiasts alike” – TrendHunter

“a new, ingenious color system to help you understand and use colors better” – DesignTaxi

“an exciting new hands-on system for exploring color, beautifully designed and super fun to use”– Smashing Color

If you are an artist, graphic designer, interior designer, student, educator or simply a color lover – BTC is a must-have. Read much more HERE about this important tool for your color toolbox.

btc codes

Have I mentioned the magic is in the codes?

What a thrill to be part of the BTC team and help Holmes share BTC with the larger world. . .don’t forget to sign up for THE BTC NEWSLETTER because this is just the beginning of BreakThroughColour!

More later today about another much-loved artist I recently assisted. . .


On another note. . .

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{Click image to see large}

Escape the predictable this weekend and soar. . .


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