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marta torrent/santa rita: blown glass jewelry

I received an email from Marta Torrent/Santa Rita letting me know about a new body of work she calls The No. 3 Collection. Inspired by a Tarot card, the series includes blown glass forms, silver and gold-plated silver chains and precious stones.

Marta Torrent/Santa Rita


Marta Torrent/Santa Rita

It was love at first sight for me. I’m drawn to the idea of boldly wearing fragile pieces near the heart. . .all so easily broken if not properly cared for, yes?

Marta Torrent/Santa Rita


Marta Torrent/Santa Rita


Marta Torrent/Santa Rita

Don’t miss the rest of her collections, which are equally compelling. Here is an example:

Marta Torrent/Santa Rita

Marta Torrent Santa Rita’s website

kari russell-pool revisited:

I’ve been a fan of glass artist Kari Russell-Pool for several years. I wrote about her flame worked glass (and words) back in 2009 and have been following her career via social media since then.

Kari Russell-Pool, Yard Birds

The artist pulls her own canes and colors them with glass powders. Her most recent series, Simple Lines and Coloring Books, reminded me a follow up DAM post was long overdue – six years (almost to the day) is a long time between posts!

Kari Russell-Pool, Fill In The Blanks

This series marks a new direction for the artist, who describes it as “Distilling down to line form and metaphor, and ultimately learning to get out of my own way.” Oh, yes. This. There’s a lesson for all of us in her words and approach. . .

Kari Russell-Pool, Metaphorical Me

Simple Lines and Coloring Books plays on “the contrasting ideas of the cage as confinement and refuge. As places for solitary confinement and sympathetic equanimity.” Oh, yes, this too. When I read her words I had to stop for a moment and wonder how she knew my story. . .

Kari Russell-Pool, My Favorite Color Is Purple


Kari Russell-Pool, Parts In Process

Work In Progress – these pieces are all GLASS!

Kari Russell-Pool’s website

Be sure to check out the Compassionate Cages series and the How It All Works page

Previous DAM post about Kari Russell-Pool


Thank You. . .

After my last post I received a small avalanche of private emails filled with your kind words and thoughts and I quickly realized that for those new to DAM the post might have made it seem like my mother passed away quite recently. I want to thank you for your support – every sweet word has been a comfort. My mother died in September 2014 and as I grieve her loss I also continue to work on fulfilling her final wishes. I needed to step away for awhile to finish the largest of those tasks but I’m back now, working on new ways to delight you. . .merci beaucoup.

From My Mother's Garden, series

From My Mother’s Garden series, photo Susan Lomuto

laura hart: fused glass butterflies

When we checked in with Laura Hart two years ago she was creating fused and flameworked glass orchids. . .lovely and lifelike. Hart is now busy creating life-size butterflies, equally as lovely, with painstaking details.

Hart Queen Alexandra Birdwing Butterfly


Hart Queen Alexandra Birdwing Butterfly

The fused and cast glass butterflies, with sterling silver legs, antennas and proboscis, are just beautiful (metal fabricated by Chele Martin).

Hart Swallowtail Butterfly

Hart’s attention to detail is impressive. . .according to her Facebook page, the bodies are cast in two stages, and the wings are fused in several stages to accurately create the veining and patterns.

Hart Blue Morpho Butterfly


Hart Mother of Pearl Morpho Butterfly

Laura Hart’s website

Laura Hart on Facebook

DAM post about Laura’s work in 2013

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