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dusciana bravura: the geometry of mosaics

Oh, the color! The patterns! The details! I’m wearing a wide grin as I study Dusciana Bravura’s sweet and humorous mosaic sculptures.




Bravura brings this ancient art form into our modern-day world, creating contemporary sculptures that show both her master-level skills and artistic abilities. Her lighthearted interpretations of animals? Magical.






In an article on Solo Mosaico, Bravura says, “I spend a lot of time looking at animals and they continue to surprise me with their incredible beauty. I have made many sculptures of animals because I would like to be able to touch them or become close to them, to recreate them one piece at the time, so that through my hand and my work I can understand them better.”


Hundreds, (maybe thousands?) of glass pieces cover fiberglass forms with geometric patterns. . .my eyes want to linger over every inch, exploring the bursts of color, delighting in the surprises that lie within.






“The tessera is the cell, the pixel that forms the image, but the base of it is the geometry. Everything in my work has reference to geometry. The tesserae have sizes that repeat again and again to create the harmony that nature demands.”

Dusciana Bravura’s website

Read the article on Solo Mosaico

max jacquard: stories in glass

Trained as a furniture designer, Max Jacquard found he was more suited to working with clay and glass, eventually developing a reputation for his innovative techniques and concepts. The UK artist combines media, kiln formed and cold worked techniques to tell personal stories.

Prodigal Scarecrow

The Prodigal Scarecrows shown here, are part of Jacquard’s Glass Stitchery series. He used fused, slumped and sandblasted glass, stitched together in a patchwork style, brilliantly making us believe they are fabric effigies standing guard against predators.


“These figures are like strange guardians of the landscape standing proud but slightly tattered but as if they don’t quite know what their purpose in life should be.”

Qui Pau Dress

Jacquard’s website shows a diverse collection of sculptures in several different series – many of them, both the work and his thoughtful descriptions – may give you pause for thought.

Tree of Jesse

Look closely at the sculpture of Jacquard’s son Jesse’s arm above (Botanical Series) to see the plant tendril that runs through the center of the arm. This is the core casting technique he has become known for: “combining two disparate forms in one glass object.”

Tree of Jesse

From the website: “The outer casting is taken from the arm of Max’s son Jesse aged twelve. The inner form is the tendril of an Ivy plant as is snakes it’s way up a tree. Combining the two forms brings forth a host of associations and metaphors including motifs from religious and art historical sources from ancient history and the Renaissance and from Eastern and Western culture. It is at once a very universal and a very personal piece that could only be made in glass.”

Max Jacquard’s website

jason gamrath revisited

I first posted about Jason Gamrath in 2012, as he was beginning to burst onto the glass art scene. I wasn’t kidding when I said he was one to watch. His recent Venus Fly Trap and Pitcher Plant collection is luscious.






At first glance you notice that Gamrath’s sculptures of flowers and plants are lovely. Sure. But wait. WAIT. In most of the images you don’t get a good sense of the size of the sculptures – and it’s the size that sets these beauties apart. The Columbine sculptures pictured below? 8 feet tall. Oh.My.Goodness.










You cannot fully appreciate this work until you see the creations installed.


The artist and his Venus Fly Trap


Jason Gamrath’s website 

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