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laura hart: fused glass butterflies

When we checked in with Laura Hart two years ago she was creating fused and flameworked glass orchids. . .lovely and lifelike. Hart is now busy creating life-size butterflies, equally as lovely, with painstaking details.

Hart Queen Alexandra Birdwing Butterfly


Hart Queen Alexandra Birdwing Butterfly

The fused and cast glass butterflies, with sterling silver legs, antennas and proboscis, are just beautiful (metal fabricated by Chele Martin).

Hart Swallowtail Butterfly

Hart’s attention to detail is impressive. . .according to her Facebook page, the bodies are cast in two stages, and the wings are fused in several stages to accurately create the veining and patterns.

Hart Blue Morpho Butterfly


Hart Mother of Pearl Morpho Butterfly

Laura Hart’s website

Laura Hart on Facebook

DAM post about Laura’s work in 2013

kimiake & shin-ichi higuchi: the mother of all

On this Mother’s Day, my first as a motherless child, I am even more aware of how challenging the months-long journey of carrying out my mother’s final wishes has been, marked by profound loss and unexpected sorrows. Kimiake and Shin-Ichi Higuchi’s Mother Earth sculpture came across my desk at just the right moment today, lifting me up, reminding me that there is much to celebrate as I continue the journey and honor my mother.


She would have loved the Higuchi’s Pate de Verre work. The colors! The flowers! The textures! I can’t think of a better time to share their interpretation of Mother Earth, the mother of all.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all motherless children and childless mothers today. . .may the beauty of our Mother Earth sustain you, bring you joy and lift you up.

Kimiake & Shin-Ichi Higuchi’s website. (be sure to look at the cabbage leaves, cauliflower and asparagus mixed in with the colorful florals this couple is known for, and be prepared – they look good enough to eat.)

dusciana bravura: the geometry of mosaics

Oh, the color! The patterns! The details! I’m wearing a wide grin as I study Dusciana Bravura’s sweet and humorous mosaic sculptures.




Bravura brings this ancient art form into our modern-day world, creating contemporary sculptures that show both her master-level skills and artistic abilities. Her lighthearted interpretations of animals? Magical.






In an article on Solo Mosaico, Bravura says, “I spend a lot of time looking at animals and they continue to surprise me with their incredible beauty. I have made many sculptures of animals because I would like to be able to touch them or become close to them, to recreate them one piece at the time, so that through my hand and my work I can understand them better.”


Hundreds, (maybe thousands?) of glass pieces cover fiberglass forms with geometric patterns. . .my eyes want to linger over every inch, exploring the bursts of color, delighting in the surprises that lie within.






“The tessera is the cell, the pixel that forms the image, but the base of it is the geometry. Everything in my work has reference to geometry. The tesserae have sizes that repeat again and again to create the harmony that nature demands.”

Dusciana Bravura’s website

Read the article on Solo Mosaico

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