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tinctory revisited: the constancy of change

I never get tired of researching fine craft and discovering new art to share, but sometimes I forget there are more than 3,400 posts on DAM and the artists I’ve shared continue to create new work. . .wonderful work. Hmmmm. It’s time to make a more concerted effort to revisit previously showcased artists to see what they are doing now. Has the work, the artist, the medium or the message changed?


Today we revisit an artist we last took a peek at almost 5 years ago. Her hand-smocked, hand-dyed, repurposed silk creations spoke to me as much as her words – of romantic soft edges, movement, day dreams and the poetry of daily life. We only knew her as Eva and she was creating quite a stir with her unusual jewelry.


Recently I discovered Eva had her first child about a year after I showcased her work and she found it challenging to create during those early months and years while she tended to her greatest creation, her sweet baby girl.



Speaking about her infant daughter in 2012, Eva said “She’s unfurling like a new leaf, with the same energy that lies hidden in something tightly coiled.”


As she settled in to her new role she wrote about the transition, words I’m fairly certain resonate with mothers everywhere:

“Now that it’s gone I’ve come to realize what played an important role in my past life: solitude. It let me focus and see in the way that made Tinctory what it was. Motherhood has been a time of intense closeness. I’m never alone. If I ever pick up this thread that’s hanging loose here something will have to be very different. I also found that being a mother to a baby is something I’m unable to do part-time for various reasons. So what I thought would be months away will more realistically be a few years.”



tinctory4Eva let Tinctory go as she watched her toddler explore, announcing it was time to say goodbye to that chapter of her life. And then in January of this year she wrote that she is slowly resurrecting Tinctory. On her terms, in her time, to our delight!


The fabrics she uses for her jewelry are tinted with natural dyes. On her blog she shares many photos, recipes, thoughts, ideas. The blog is a lovely trip; her words quiet and serene and, well. . .just lovely.

One of the new things she is working on is a series in which she challenges herself every month to make a piece dyed with whatever she finds outside at the time. The photo below is a necklace from that series.


“The main feature of this curious necklace is a pleated and smocked fabric bead. It was made from organza silk dyed with oak galls. It has the shape of an irregular orb, maybe the oak gall itself or a seedpod from which emerges a mysterious ‘eye that sees’.”


While I love all of her work, I am partial to the feathers series (seen above). I can’t tell you why, just that I love them. In the end, that’s what DAM really is – a collection of objects I love. For more than 8 years I’ve simply been sharing one person’s aesthetic. . .fine craft that makes me stop to look, explore, think, exclaim and that begs to be shared. Having your company on this journey of discovery makes it all the sweeter. . .

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Eva’s shop

tzuri gueta: forging his own path

It’s been several years since I posted about Tzuri Gueta’s jewelry –  a recent visit to his website shows he’s been quite busy creating jewelry, textiles and furniture.






Using a technique he developed and patented, Gueta and his team inject silk with silicone to create a unique type of textile he calls Silicone Lace. No machines, no molds, all handmade.








Gueta, who likes silicone for its strength and flexibility, has created an impressive collection – do check all of his catalogues for a bevy of unusual shapes and sizes. The colors POP. The shapes bring to mind sea life and pods. The flexibility of the material is sexy. Love.





Get a closer look at Gueta’s work and process in the two videos below:


Tzuri Gueta’s website

Gueta’s Jewelry Catalogues

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Video 1

Video 2


chung-im kim: industrial felt works

Textile artist Chung-Im Kim silk screens patterns onto industrial felt pieces, hand stitching the felt to create dimensional wall sculptures that seem to sway – an illusion made more convincing by the combination of surface pattern and clever stitching.




Baekya, detail

In an effort to understand the material and its capabilities, the artist surrenders herself to playing with the felt “to understand it’s character, it’s physicality, and shape-forming ability.” Born and raised in Korea, Kim has lived in Canada since 1990. She is currently associate professor in the Fibre Department at OCAD University.







“For me, patterns are hard to ignore as I encounter everyday life.  Whether the source comes from nature, historical context or plainly created by me, working with patterns always gives me the thrill of entering a new world.  A pattern can grow into a complex image jungle or a well disciplined ornamental beauty”. ~Chung-Im Kim


Chung-Im Kim’s website



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