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yvette kaiser smith: crocheted fiberglass

Yvette Kaiser Smith creates fiberglass cloth by crocheting fiberglass roving that she pulls from an industrial roll. The cloth is crocheted into flat geometric shapes and hardened by applying polyester resin. Kaiser Smith uses mathematics in all of her work and identifies the work as a ‘visual articulation of mathematics.’

Etude from pi . . . 51413
crocheted fiberglass with polyester resin

A direct articulation of 5 digits from within the number pi. Panels appear the same but vary in spatial depth. Value 1 is flattest to the wall and value 5 pushes away from the wall the farthest. In side view, panels appear in a nesting pattern.

Charting e 98
crocheted fiberglass with polyester resin
Charting e 98 utilizes a traditional crochet format based on patterns created on a grid, where squares are either filled or left open. Using this charting system, Charting e 98articulates the first 98 digits of the infinite number e.



 Pi Strands
crocheted fiberglass with polyester resin

Pi Strands is a direct articulation of the first 52 digits of the number pi. Each tube is 5” in diameter and 7” deep. Each number value was assigned its own color. Colors were inspired by bacteria. The individual units within each vertical strand are connected to create a solid unit. There are 7 vertical strands.

From e . . .71456, Panel 6 
crocheted fiberglass with polyester resin


Pi in Pascal’s Triangle Round 3
crocheted fiberglass with polyester resin

The form of each triangle is based on the first four rows of Pascal’s Triangle. The five colors used are distributed using the first 30 digits of pi.

Yvette Kaiser Smith with some of her work


“To create a new work, I create a system. I chose a number sequence from the numbers pi or e, or a section from Pascal’s Triangle; define a specific method for articulating the digits; define colors and a sequence for the colors; and follow the plan to create the work.”


See some of Kaiser Smith’s process here.
Video interview here.


sowon joo’s conceptual jewelry

Sowon Joo’s portfolio of conceptual jewelry made me want to speak in hushed tones. Somehow she is able to effectively show us the soft side of hard metal. Delicate. Ethereal. Lovely.












The conceptual jewelry portfolio is extensive – but you also want to look at her custom jewelry, sculpture and tableware. Plentiful skill and talent, for sure.

Sowon Joo’s website


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jan kransberger explores the female form

Drawn to the tactile qualities of cast glass, Jan Kransberger explores the female form, creating sculptures that express moments of joy, solace, contemplation, reminiscence and introspection.

jank_youcantellme You Can Tell Me
fine silver,plaster,clay

jank_somewherebetweenadreamSomewhere Between A Dream and Reality 
kiln cast crystal, pate de verre 
12 1/2″x9″ x3 1/2″

kiln cast crystal 


First Impressions
kiln cast crystal, sterling silver beads, plaster
17 1/2″ x 7 1/2″ x 3 1/4″


When Shadows Fall
kiln cast crystal, sterling silver
14″x7″x3 1/4″

 ”The particular way light comes through the material is more interesting to me than the traditional beauty of the material and its glossy smooth surfaces. To me, the soft, velvety appearance of my work enhances the subtleties of mood I strive for.”

Jan Kransberger’s website

brett kern’s dinosaurs

At first glance, these dinosaurs look like a toy my sweet granddaughter would enjoy.


A closer look reveals the dinosaurs are ceramic sculptures, inspired by Brett Kern’s steadfast infatuation with the pop culture of his formative years. The potter has an extensive collection of toys and pop memorabilia, further fueling his obsession.



“I find that the mold-making process imitates, in a certain way, the fossilization process. Objects are covered in a material that captures their shape and texture and this, in turn, preserves the object as a rock-like representation. Movies, television, toys and games dominated the cultural landscape of my youth. I am a product of this specific time period, and I like to think of my artwork as the fossils that will help preserve it.”






“Glaze helps to emphasize the magnificence of the material as it flows in and out of lines and wrinkles, filling the object’s surface with a wealth of depth and variation within a simplified color scheme.”


Brett Kern’s website

 Yes MAM!

The March issue of Monthly Art Muse (MAM) landed in subscriber’s inboxes earlier this week. This issue includes bracelets from 6 jewelry artists – cuffs, bangles, metal, clay, glass, bone, bigandbold, stacked – to covet, purchase and inspire your creative muse; rock sculptures; portraits etched in leather; a studio that looks soul-soothing and so much more.

Sign up today and receive your first issue instantly!


If you are a current subscriber and you did not receive the March issue please let me know – you won’t want to miss it!




sam tho duong: lemitcA and frozen

Sam Tho Duong’s recycled yogurt container neckpieces are causing quite a stir and I can understand why. . .











The yogurt container before Sam Tho Duong works his magic. . .

lemitcA, the collection made from plastic yogurt containers, combines the discarded plastic with precious stones and pearls, adding interest and value to the forms.


Don’t miss his Frozen collection too – branch-like forms covered with freshwater pearls to mimic ice and snow covered plant life. Spectacular.


I’m not sure what the branch-like forms are made from (metal?) but they are covered with freshwater pearls.






 The artist, wearing one of his creations from the lemitcA collection

Duong was born in Vietnam, but his family fled the country when he was a young child. He spent much of his childhood in a German city known for its jewelry industry, surrounded by pearls, jewelry and design.

Sam Tho Duong – lemitcA

Sam Tho Duong – Frozen

Read a short interview with the artist here


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