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sipho mabona: there’s an elephant in the room

Professional Origami artist Sipho Mabona set out to show the world that there are no limits to what you can make with a square of paper.


His goal was to make a life-size replica of one of the largest mammals on earth – the elephant. In late 2013 he launched a successful indiegogo crowdfunding project to create The White Elephant.


Folded by Mabona and three assistants, a metal structure supports the folded paper sculpture to ensure that the origami mammal can stand.


The elephant in progress.


 Sipho Mabona holds a scaled down version of the white elephant


One of the perks for the funders was a ceramic cast of the creased paper. The folds are the exact folds used to create the elephant. LOVE this concept!

Sipho Mabona’s website

If you enjoyed Mabona’s White Elephant, don’t miss the videos of his Toshiba origami ad campaigns. Nicely done.


jason schneider’s corrugated cardboard and plaster sculpture

Jason Schneider is a furniture designer. The fact that he uses cardboard almost exclusively to make furniture sets him apart from most furniture designers.


Exquisite Cardboard, corrugated cardboard, plaster, 12″ x 5″

Add to that his collection of corrugated cardboard and plaster sculptures and, well, you’ve got an artist who makes my heart pound.


Plaster Push, corrugated cardboard, plaster, 5″ x 10″ diameter
Currently, Schneider is the furniture design and woodworking studio coordinator at The Anderson Ranch Art Center in Colorado. He continues to transfer many skills learned as a woodworker to develop innovative techniques using cardboard.


Dumbbell Study, corrugated cardboard,  plaster, 22″ x 6″

Although his sculpture is showcased here, please don’t take that to mean that his furniture isn’t worthy. It is. Check out the link below for the furniture portfolio to see what I mean.


Wobble Tops, corrugated cardboard, poplar, milk paint, 5″ x 4″ diameter


Spinning Wheel, corrugated cardboard, plaster, 10″ x 22″

“My exploration into the use and function of this low-status and commonly overlooked material is what drives me.” ~Jason Schneider

tony fredricksson’s driftwood sculptures

South Africa’s Tony Fredricksson creates driftwood sculptures unlike any I have seen before.       fredricksson_ballerina

The Ballerina

In an interview with Alison Nicholls (Art Inspired by Africa) Fredricksson tells of his earliest memories making art –  creating his own little world of plasticine figures. fredricksson_elephant_head

 Elephant Head


Yellow Billed Hornbill

As an adult he enjoyed successful endeavors in commercial art, printing and eventually resin castings of animal sculptures (almost 7,000 hand-painted, limited edition sculptures) before he began making driftwood sculptures seven years ago.


I kinda love the whimsical photos of the artist with his work. . .I know you can see the pig, but did you realize that the sax is one of his sculptures too?


“What I have found to be a rewarding part of this kind of sculpture is the exploration and discovery of the weathered pieces of wood.”


Because who wouldn’t want to hug a rhino?

Tony Fredricksson’s website

Read more about his journey in the full interview here.

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