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edgar zuñiga jimenez’s reclaimed wood and metal columns

Acclaimed painter and sculptor Edgar Zuñiga Jimenez creates figurative columns from wood, clay, iron and steel.




The wood columns are carved from antique ceiling beams, adding to their allure.


“I use the column as the base and support of my artistic expression. On the column I develop different formal languages; I position on them sculpted faces or anatomical fragments, especially on wooden columns obtained from old or demolished houses from the Central Valley of Costa Rica. Through them, I am expressing the loss of the collective memory and values.”


While I am most drawn to the reclaimed wood columns with carved faces, his steel columns with clay figures holding up, holding on and holding out speak to me of a quiet power within.








Edgar Zuñiga’s website (where I found most of this information) seems to be having some issues at the moment, but you can see more on his Facebook Page.

michele ludwiczak: figurative sculpture

Michele Ludwiczak translates her passion for other cultures into thought provoking sculptures of African women and children. The French artist molds each figure from grog sandstone, then colors the work with paints, chalks, charcoal, dirt and sand, mixing materials to achieve specific textures and colors.












“I’m a dreamer, an idealist and my artistic work lets me fly away far from our contemporary world where the notion of time is no longer valid. For a long time I have been interested in cultures where man lives differently in relationship with nature and time. I first toured America and her native people, the Indians, and then one day, Africa. Sensitive to moral attitudes, elegance, strength emanating from the eyes, the beauty of skin texture, colors of sand, earth … it is natural African sculptures that come to inhabit my studio.”


Michele Ludwiczak’s website


brett kern’s dinosaurs

At first glance, these dinosaurs look like a toy my sweet granddaughter would enjoy.


A closer look reveals the dinosaurs are ceramic sculptures, inspired by Brett Kern’s steadfast infatuation with the pop culture of his formative years. The potter has an extensive collection of toys and pop memorabilia, further fueling his obsession.



“I find that the mold-making process imitates, in a certain way, the fossilization process. Objects are covered in a material that captures their shape and texture and this, in turn, preserves the object as a rock-like representation. Movies, television, toys and games dominated the cultural landscape of my youth. I am a product of this specific time period, and I like to think of my artwork as the fossils that will help preserve it.”






“Glaze helps to emphasize the magnificence of the material as it flows in and out of lines and wrinkles, filling the object’s surface with a wealth of depth and variation within a simplified color scheme.”


Brett Kern’s website

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