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katarina pridavkova’s streetscapes – and giveaway winners!

Slovakian artist Katarina Pridavkova describes herself as a ‘surrealist painter and sculptor’. Using a combination of found materials, cardboard, paper, metal and ceramics she is fast becoming known for creating fantastical streetscapes.


Katerina Pridavkova


Katarina Pridavkova Studio Table


Living and studying in Spain led to Pridavkova building an imaginary mini-city, inspired by the streets of Mallorca, a caricature of the city. Her thesis project, Grow Up, was meant to invite people into her imaginary world. I accept her invitation. . .I would love to jump into the streets and live there for awhile. . .


Katerina Pridavkova, Mallorca 2


Katerina Pridavkova, Mallorca


Katarina Pridavkova, Foxie


Katarina Pridavkova, Foxie detail


Katerina Pridavkova With Sculptures


Katarina Pridavkova doesn’t have a website, but you can follow her on Instagram and Facebook. Lots and lots of process shots, sketches, and different views of these charming streets. Looks like a few of the artist’s houses and paintings are for sale here.

Giveaway Winners!

My birthday week giveaway ended yesterday and today we have three winners! Sofia celebrated by eating sorbet – we hope all of the winners have as much fun as she did!

Sofia Spooning

 Sofia Spooning

 And the winners are. . .

One Hour Consultation with daMuse. . . . . . . . . . . .Christine O’Connor

One Hour Consultation with daMuse. . . . . . . . . . . .Carole Monohan

60% off price of Squarespace Website Setup. . . . . Sigal Druckman

Many thanks to everyone who played along and congratulations to the winners – I will be in touch next week with each of you to let you know next steps!

brian somerville’s beasts of clay

Brian Somerville sculpts beasts that tell stories. Somerville builds the beasts on crude armatures, eventually cutting up the solid forms, then hollowing them out and reassembling the creatures. He spends weeks (sometimes months!) carving the intricate patterns that cover each piece.

Brian Somerville, Shellshocked

Shell-shocked, ceramic, mixed media

“Get your shelled ass moving!” barked the wild hare to its ride. As the tortoise slowed its pace and raced on till it died.

Brian Somerville, Barnstormer

Barnstormer, ceramic, mixed media

It flew with wings of bolts and bones above the fog from coal. It saw the sky was falling down and did not tell a soul.

Brian Somerville, Barnstormer, detail

 Barnstormer, detail

Brian Somerville, The Patriarch

The Patriarchceramic, metal, wood, foam and epoxy

 Respect the roots that hold your ground before your good name’s gone. Civilized versus savagery depends which side you’re on.

Brian Somerville, The Patriarch detail

The Patriarch, detail

“The antics of my unpolished herd reflect our society in ways that are uncomfortably familiar. Remembering hard life lessons that were buried in childhood memories, re-evaluating our priorities as adults and even questioning our own mortality can all be realized through eye contact with a beast.”

Brian Somerville’s website

See 45 process photos of Barnstormer here and dozens more process shots from his workshops and lectures here.

hijiri yahagi: puppet strings

Hijiri Yahagi’s series of life-sized ceramic figure puppets boast cracked surfaces symbolizing the hardships of this life journey.

Yahagi, I'm A Puppet

Ceramic, Wood, Rope, Steel, Copper, Brass

Yahagi, I'm A Puppet

Yahagi explores the human experience of carrying physical and emotional scars – how they help make us who we are.

Yahagi, I'm A Puppet

According to the artist, the puppet strings are metaphors for both the connections and restraints of our world.

Hijiri Yahagi

Beautiful. Haunting. Thought Provoking.

Hijiri Yahagi

Hijiri Yahagi’s website


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