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brett kern’s dinosaurs

At first glance, these dinosaurs look like a toy my sweet granddaughter would enjoy.


A closer look reveals the dinosaurs are ceramic sculptures, inspired by Brett Kern’s steadfast infatuation with the pop culture of his formative years. The potter has an extensive collection of toys and pop memorabilia, further fueling his obsession.



“I find that the mold-making process imitates, in a certain way, the fossilization process. Objects are covered in a material that captures their shape and texture and this, in turn, preserves the object as a rock-like representation. Movies, television, toys and games dominated the cultural landscape of my youth. I am a product of this specific time period, and I like to think of my artwork as the fossils that will help preserve it.”






“Glaze helps to emphasize the magnificence of the material as it flows in and out of lines and wrinkles, filling the object’s surface with a wealth of depth and variation within a simplified color scheme.”


Brett Kern’s website

 Yes MAM!

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vivian wang’s cast glass and stoneware figures

Before she became a sculptor Vivian Wang had a long, successful career as a fashion designer in NYC.


cast glass, stoneware, pigment powders, oil and casein paints, steel base

That makes perfect sense when you see the detail the artist paints onto her signature cast glass and stoneware figures.


cast glass, stoneware, pigment powders, oil and casein paints, steel base

Under Wang’s skilled hands the garments worn by the women and children come alive with distinctive patterns, beautiful colors and textile-like surfaces.


Fish Kite
cast glass, stoneware, pigment powders, oil and casein paints, steel base


Dragon & Phoenix
cast glass, stoneware, pigment powders, oil and casein paints, steel base


cast glass, stoneware, pigment powders, oil and casein paints, steel base


Altered Coat


Vivian Wang with several of her sculptures

Vivian Wang’s website

hitomi hosono: purely porcelain

Born and raised in Japan,  London-based ceramic artist Hitomi Hosono creates graceful boxes, towers and vessels using a technique called ‘sprigging’.


Feather Leaves Tower


 Feather Leaves Tower, detail

Inspired by Josiah Wedgwood’s Jasperware, Hosono applies thin ceramic reliefs (sprigs) to decorate the surface of a piece.


Chrysanthemum Box


Chrysanthemum Box Open


Black Wisteria Square Box

After a great deal of experimentation with types of clay and process, the artist took the technique one step further and began covering the entire surface of the foundation with the sprigs, eventually moving on to create objects completely from many layers of the sprigs.


Shirakawa Bowl


Black Wisteria Tower


Hitomi Hosono

Read an interview with the artist here.

via fashionartisan

patrick colhoun’s black clay sculptures

Self-taught ceramicist Patrick Colhoun adds hosiery, piercings and metal spikes to black clay sculptures that hint at bondage and sexual deviancy. The artist invites divided opinion and expects viewers to either love or hate the sculptures. I’m in the love camp.



Cult, ceramic, red neon


Rivet, ceramic, rivets


Pierce Trinity, ceramic, piercings


Inner Turmoil, ceramic, glaze


“I strive to be unique, my work will divide opinion. Strength with a hint of fragility, masculine with undertones of the feminine, human but referencing the animal. It touches on subjects of sexual deviancy, containment and aggression. On a deeper level, there are echoes of religious symbolism, making distasteful subjects into attractive physical forms.”

Patrick Colhoun


clare potter’s blooming porcelain clay

A passion for gardening led Clare Potter to experiment with porcelain clay.



Fruits, vegetables and flowers come alive under her care, the porcelain forms capturing all of the beauty and imperfections of the real thing.


 Camelias, detail






Before and After

Potter doesn’t glaze her work, instead firing each piece to bisque stage then applying multiple layers of color washes. Lovely.

Clare Potter

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