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jeanne opgenhaffen: organic patterns in porcelain

Jeanne Opgenhaffen’s large wall sculptures mimic landscapes and other organic patterns.



Using thousands of colored porcelain tiles in different shades, she carefully places the overlapping tiles to give the illusion of graceful swaying movement; the ebb and flow of water; the ever shifting shadows of the night sky. Beautiful.

Green, detail

Green, detail

“I try to express my feelings within the boundary of a square. A strong movement in a simple way, made with single basic elements, the rhythm and the movement is always present.”

Petrified Movement

Petrified Movement

Green BarbadosGreen Barbardos

Waiting For The NightWaiting For The Night

Walking On White LinesWalking On White Lines

As Darkness FallsAs Darkness Falls

Jeanne Opgenhaffen’s website

tanya ragir: the feminine landscape

In this series of ceramic and resin wall sculptures figurative sculptor Tanya Ragir juxtaposes details of the feminine landscape within a geometric context.


Folded Circle, painted resin


Cradle II, painted resin

“I embrace the gravitas, the depth and breadth of the beauty of women, which is limitless. Growing up a dancer, and being a woman, informs everything I do as a sculptor. Movement and form are my language and vocabulary.”


Sacred Geometry, painted ceramic


Progression Of Four, painted resin

Ragir’s life and work are about overcoming limitations. When she lost her father in 2013, this profound loss affected every area of her life and work. An acute awareness of her own mortality became the driving force behind the Warrior series (seen below), which speaks to facing internal and external barriers, struggle and loss.


Failing Upward, ceramic


Leap Of Faith, bronze


Tanya Ragir in her studio

Tanya Ragir’s website

Ragir is bursting with energy and life – though no recent updates, her studio blog give you a glimpse into the artist’s spirit and some of the processes behind the work.

nick mackman: wild things

Nick Mackman’s Raku fired sculptures depict wild animals like the ones Mackman interacted with as she traveled through South Africa.



mackman_dozing_warthog_babiesThe warthogs pictured here are a small selection of wild things the ceramic artist creates. Although Mackman’s portfolio is full of elephants, wild dogs, bears, rhinos, chimps and more, the warthogs captured my heart. . .these wild pigs are ugly and full of personality and beautiful all at the same time.


 The artist with one of her warthogs

Want to watch her make a Highland bull? Watch the time lapse video!

Nick Mackman’s website

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