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damuse announces new donor reward packages

Better late than never, right?  Apologies for not getting this post out to you last week as promised – I’ve been a busy little muse.

All donations between $20-$50 made before 12/19/10 have been acknowledged and donor reward packs delivered into email boxes.

Donor Reward Packages Page

I created a Donor Reward Packages page (look for it on the menu above the posts on any page) which outlines all of the donor reward packages to date.

The new reward packages announced today for donations of $1-$19 AND $75-$100 are in bold with lots of exclamation points! Now is the chance to collect a few of daMuse’s favorite Resource Links OR get your own mini-eStreamline session. Read all about it on the Donor Reward Packages Page

Thanks to all who have made a donation so far. I have a few more reward levels to reveal soon – and there is a big announcement coming so stay tuned!

{If you made a donation between $20 and $50 and you did not get a thank you email with the reward pack attached please check your spam folder – if it isn’t hiding there, let me know.}

battista’s sideshow reminds us that we are all living curiosities

Carrie Battista’s glass circus tents represent the sideshow performers that she feels most connected to as a glass artist who is often observed while she manipulates the hot, molten medium.


The Elephant Tent, blown glass, verre eglomise
16” x 11” x 11”

The Elephant Tent, back

Battista gilds the interior wall of the glass tents with precious metal leaf and scratches drawings into the surface. Each tent also houses a mirror that distorts the viewer’s image. Spectacular.

The Itty Bitty Lady Tent, blown glass, verre eglomise
12” x 8” x 8”

The Itty Bitty Lady Tent, back

“Traveling sideshows have always fascinated me. I feel that living the artist’s lifestyle parallels that of the performers on display – alienated, nomadic and continually on exhibit. I frequently find myself being the subject of observation as I make my work. With the hot shop as my stage I am forced into the role of the performer, leaving me feeling self-conscious and exposed.” Carrie Battista

Come and See!, blown glass, 22k gold, paint, fabric
18″ x 12″ x 12″

Come and See Too!, blown glass, 22k  gold, paint, fabric
24″ x 12″ x 12″

Come and See Too! detail

“My intention is for viewers to see themselves inside the tents and realize that we are all living curiosities.” Carrie Battista

See the entire circus series here and her bio here

florie salnot’s plastic bottle project

Beautiful, don’t you think? After you look at the images, please read why I am in awe of 26 year old Florie Salnot. She’s one to watch.


{click on images to enlarge}

Salnot, a graduate of the Royal College of Art in London, has a background in art and anthropology. She was determined to help the women of a Saharawi refugee camp find a way to support themselves and also allow for the women to express themselves artistically by applying design to practical problems.

The process

The bottle cutting tool and nail board via Inhabitat

She developed a relatively simple, low-tech method to create jewelry that utilizes equipment available in the camp – primarily hot sand, a cutting tool and a nail board. Salnot’s bottle project makes use of both natural resources (hot sand) and waste materials (discarded plastic bottles)  – she describes the technique below:

“The plastic bottle is first painted and then cut into thin stripes with a cutting tool. After that, any type of drawing can be made by positioning some nails into the holes of a nail board: the plastic stripe is placed all around the nails and the whole is submerged into hot sand. The plastic stripe reacts to the heat by shrinking all along the nail drawing and keeping its shape. The piece of jewelry then requires a few last steps and fittings to become finalized. It is a very simple technique which, however, has the power to make the non-precious become precious.”

Workshop participant setting nails in a nail board

Pouring hot sand over nail board design

Plastic Bottle Project Workshop

Nail board design

You can read more about the technique here. A detailed account of the project here. And Salnot’s website here. The video below is a fascinating look at Salnot’s project and the women this project empowers.

Florie Salnot and the Plastic Bottle Workshop participants

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