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2011 niche award winners: john goodyear

Congratulations to 2011 Niche Award winner John Goodyear.

[nonmember]This archived post is for Members Only. Click here to become a member or to get a one day pass. If you are a member, please login to view the post. [/nonmember] [private_archives]The Canadian artist, who now calls Newfoundland home, has crafted a stunning collection of turned and carved sculptures using maple and black cherry wood.

Late Harvest Blend, teapot
9″ x 9″ x 5.5″
black cherry, acrylic paint, cold rolled steel, urethane, leather cord ebony

Late Harvest Blend, detail

The Ring
black cherry, maple, total height 10 7/8″

The Ring, detail

See all of this year’s winners here


a year end reflection and gifts for you

In a few days we will celebrate the end of 2010 and the start of a new year.  It is one of several times throughout the year that I stop to reflect on what has passed and what I want for the days, weeks and months ahead.


This image is an all-time favorite:
A little boy, who lost one shoe, chasing a seagull on the beach.
I had a great time watching him play – carefree and in the moment.

2010 was a year of change and transition for me, with bittersweet endings, thrilling beginnings and unexpected adventures that playfully pushed my inner-child-out, front and center.

On this late December day I am empowered by the realization that each new dawn brings another chance to make different choices. And that is what I am doing, making different choices – learning to trust that the Universe will support me as I bravely move forward.

My gift to you as 2011 approaches is a mini calendar (PDF download) that I created with a few favorite pictures of the coast of Connecticut, where I have been staying for the last few months working as an apprentice to an artist and planning my year-long apprenticeship project.

From me.  To you.  Enjoy – and Happy New Year!

2011 Mini Calendar from daMuse

I printed my calendar on scalloped edge card stock, fastened the pages with a binder clip and tacked it to the wall. Easy. No Fuss. Low Tech.

Chance to win a custom image from daMuse!

I am taking a few days off to do what I do (see above) but I have one last question for you this year:

What word will you use to set your intention for 2011?

My word is ABUNDANCE…more about that later. Leave a comment. Tell me yours. Really, I want to know.

Custom TextMessage by Susan Lomuto (aka daMuse)

When I come back on January 3rd I will choose three people and create a custom image download for each of them using their word – a wonderful reminder all year long to stay focused on their intention. Need some help?

C’mon over to the comments area and tell me…what’s your word for 2011?

joe brubaker’s tribe: scale and quiet gestures make powerful art

Joe Brubaker’s large-scale wood and metal figures are haunting, spiritual, totemic. A lifetime of making art, first as a painter and now for more than two decades as a sculptor, has taught him to be aware of details like the subtle grace of a quiet gesture.

It works, and so does Brubaker’s ability to harness the power of size – or oversize in the case of many of his sculptures. A mix of abstract and figurative, playful and serious, inspiring and meditative, his tribe speaks my language.

This carved wood and metal figure is 5 feet tall

“Most of my figures are totemic, that is, very quiet and subtle of gesture. I have found that more extreme body positions in the figures do not work for me. I believe this might be because “quietly gestured” figures invite meditation. Also, a standing, quiet figure exudes grace, and very small adjustments in the head tilt, or arm location, or leg position, affect the attitude of the piece a great deal, and create an implied narrative.” Joe Brubaker

Timothy, 5 feet tall

Timothy, detail

Sentry, over 5 feet tall

Sentry, standing guard


Horse, reclaimed wood, found metal, 33″ x 60″ x 8″

“I make art to renew myself, to experience the vitality of creative flow. I also feel that the individual creative process generates a ‘halo’ effect that is more significant than the individual creative act.” Joe Brubaker

The video below, created for the Donna Seager Gallery, has a few surprises – watch the sculptures closely.  Nicely done.  For a lengthier visit with Joe (half hour), click here –  he shares the wonderful collection of inspiration from his travels around the world that fuel his creativity.

Joe Brubaker from Elliot Art Productions on Vimeo.

More at the Donna Seager Gallery and Sue Greenwood Fine Art

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