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susan elnora: fabricated animal skeletons

New Mexico based metalsmith Susan Elnora translates imagery that “reflects a connection to spirit, awareness, curiosity and playfulness” into collections of silver and gold jewelry.

Susan Elnora Buffalo Skill

Buffalo Skull, sterling and oxidized silver

Shapes are sawed, filed, folded, forged and soldered together using recycled metals.

Susan Elnora Bird Skull

Crow Skull Necklace, sterling silver

She believes jewelry can be more than just a way to adorn our bodies and her work explores jewelry as powerful expression of memories, dreams and intentions as well as a symbol of our personal myths.

Susan Elnora Frog & Lily Pad Necklace

Frog Skeleton & Lily Pad Necklace, sterling silver, 18k gold
[The frog has eight riveted joints and the lotus flower has rotating petals]

Susan Elnora Frog Skeleton Sketches

The images here are from her Animals and Birds collections – I found myself mesmerized by the lines and details of the skeletons, and the message they might hold for the wearer. Please do check out her Landscapes collection too. Nicely done.

Susan Elnora Hidden Window Raven Necklace

Hidden Window Raven Necklace, sterling silver, 14k gold
[riveted wing opens to reveal window containing 14k rose gold skull]


Susan Elnora’s website

You can also find her on Facebook

jeanne opgenhaffen: organic patterns in porcelain

Jeanne Opgenhaffen’s large wall sculptures mimic landscapes and other organic patterns.



Using thousands of colored porcelain tiles in different shades, she carefully places the overlapping tiles to give the illusion of graceful swaying movement; the ebb and flow of water; the ever shifting shadows of the night sky. Beautiful.

Green, detail

Green, detail

“I try to express my feelings within the boundary of a square. A strong movement in a simple way, made with single basic elements, the rhythm and the movement is always present.”

Petrified Movement

Petrified Movement

Green BarbadosGreen Barbardos

Waiting For The NightWaiting For The Night

Walking On White LinesWalking On White Lines

As Darkness FallsAs Darkness Falls

Jeanne Opgenhaffen’s website

cynthia toops revisited

Where has the time gone? Has it really been five years since I last shared Cynthia Toops’ polymer clay micro mosaic jewelry? It’s always a treat to see new work from the Seattle artist. She makes us forget the material and allows us to simply revel in her skill and talent for telling a story.

Day/Night Hourglass Pendant (Rooster)

Toops’ 2-sided Hourglass pendants remind us that our time here is fleeting. Make it count.

Day/Night Hourglass Pendant (Owl)

The images above are different sides of the same piece. Day/Night Hourglass Pendant with a polymer micro mosaic rooster on one side and a polymer micro mosaic owl on the other side of the hourglass. Metalwork by Chuck Domitrovich.

Wanderlust Ring Closed

Wanderlust Ring, closed, polymer clay, antique binoculars
Metalwork by Juan Reyes

Wanderlust Ring Open

Wanderlust Ring, open, polymer clay, antique binoculars
Metalwork by Juan Reyes

Summer/Winter Hourglass Hummingbird

Summer/Winter Hourglass Pendant (Hummingbird side)
polymer clay, metal
Metalwork by Chuck Domitrovich

Summer/Winter Hourglass Pendant

Summer/Winter Hourglass Pendant (Winter Owl side)
polymer clay, metal
Metalwork by Chuck Domitrovich

Cynthia Toops, Untitled

 Untitled Brooch, polymer clay, metal 
Metalwork by Chuck Domitrovich

Cynthia Toops’ website

DAM posts about Toops here, here and here!


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