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hijiri yahagi: puppet strings

Hijiri Yahagi’s series of life-sized ceramic figure puppets boast cracked surfaces symbolizing the hardships of this life journey.

Yahagi, I'm A Puppet

Ceramic, Wood, Rope, Steel, Copper, Brass

Yahagi, I'm A Puppet

Yahagi explores the human experience of carrying physical and emotional scars – how they help make us who we are.

Yahagi, I'm A Puppet

According to the artist, the puppet strings are metaphors for both the connections and restraints of our world.

Hijiri Yahagi

Beautiful. Haunting. Thought Provoking.

Hijiri Yahagi

Hijiri Yahagi’s website


rachel blair: longing to belong

Looking for a way to express feelings of homesickness and a long-held desire to belong, Rachel Blair created a collection of jewelry focused on the idea of a ‘sense of place’.

Rachel Blair, Restricted Deep Yellow Brooch

Restricted Deep Yellow Brooch

Exploring the psychology of attachment to a place and its memories, the recent graduate of Glasgow School of Art used silver and gold frames to capture hand dyed, tension set wound papers and ink stained tape tightly wound around metal frames.

Rachel Blair, Bound Brooch

Bound Brooch, ink stained tape, white metal, copper

Rachel Blair, Work in Progress

Work in progress

“The sensitivity of the fragile papers held in by pressure and tension; create an uneasiness and sadness, although aesthetically beautiful in muted tones of blue and green.”Rachel Blair, Constrained

Constrained Brooch

Rachel Blair, Held

Held Neckpiece

Rachel Blair is one to watch. . .I look forward to her next collection.

Rachel Blair’s website

jenny ayrton: sandcasting wonderlands

The UK’s Jenny Ayrton tries to see the world from the perspective of her young daughter as she creates domestic scenes, capturing miniature wonderlands in molten glass.

Jenny Ayrton, Autumn Bike Ride

Autumn Bike Ride

Jenny Ayrton, Urban Washing

Urban Washing

Ayrton describes her work as tiny stages – sets that allow the viewer to project their own story. I love this!

Jenny Ayrton, Washing Day

Washing Day

Jenny Ayrton, Rotary Washing Line

Rotary Washing Line

She creates the sculptures, made of sandcasted glass with metal inclusions, by making tiny, delicate wire and metal mesh scenes, encasing the wire model between two layers of hot glass.

Jenny Ayrton, Feeding The Ducks

Feeding The Ducks

Jenny Ayrton, Green Fingers

 Watch the video to see more about her process.

Jenny Ayrton’s website

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