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michelle mckinney: woven metal botanicals

Michelle McKinney works with hand cut translucent woven stainless steel, copper and brass to create wall sculptures and framed pieces that are at once simple and complex; abstract and realistic. McKinney’s inspiration comes from the natural world and it shows in every single piece. Just beautiful. . .

michelle_mckinney_botanicals7 Michelle Mckinney, Botanicals

stainless steel roses

Michelle Mckinney, Botanicals

hydrangea. . .

Michelle Mckinney, Botanicals

a peony in stainless steel, copper and brass

Michelle Mckinney, Winter Trees

 winter trees detail

Michelle Mckinney, Winter Trees

The UK artist often builds up layers in different woven metals of various thickness to create depth, as seen in the trees above.

Michelle Mckinney

part of her seed series. . .woven brass and copper

Michelle Mckinney

woven copper

Michelle Mckinney

work in progress

Michelle Mckinney, Butterflies

 a ringlet of butterflies

Michelle McKinney’s website

Visit her Facebook page for many, many more images of her work, detail shots and work in progress

hilde morin: fabric bowls

Fiber artist Hilde Morin, known for her abstract and primitive art quilts, also creates fabric bowls that make you look twice.

Hilde Morin, Malecon

My favorites? The cityscapes. Stunning. Each one is made using hand dyed and commercial fabrics, machine stitched onto canvas.

Hilde Morin, Malecon Detail


Hilde Morin, Barrio


Hilde Morin, Random Windows


Hilde Morin Green1

“I listen to my mood and work with it allowing the design to evolve spontaneously until I am satisfied with the result”

Hilde Morin’s website

tanya marriott: quirky creatures & dolls

Although Tanya Marriott uses a variety of media when creating her characters, toys, animation and films, it is her work with polymer that caught my eye.  Fantastical. Whimsical. Magical. And each one comes with its own story. . .

Tanya Marriott, Bullers Apprentice

Bullers Apprentice, polymer, acrylic paints, soft body construction
Handmade cardboard cart by Garry Buckley

Tanya Marriott, Mothman

Mothman, polymer, acrylic paint, soft body construction

Tanya Marriott, Mothman - Closeup

Mothman, detail

Tanya Marriott, Flyboy

Flyboy, polymer, acrylic paint, soft body construction

Tanya Marriott, A Deer Couple

 A Deer Couplepolymer, acrylic paint, soft body construction

Tanya Marriott, Work in Progress

 Edward & Jane, Work In Progress

Tanya Marriott, Edward and Jane

Edward & Jane, polymer, acrylic paint, soft body construction

 Tanya Marriott’s website

A bit of her process here

And armature making here

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