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the artful shoe?

more paper shoes by lunnWhile researching the artist for this morning’s post I checked PCNotes to see if I had already featured her here (awww, come on now, with more than 1,400 posts archived, you don’t think that I actually remember every artist that I feature, do you?) and I was surprised to discover how many posts I’ve already written about shoes.

I have to be forced to wear the darned silly things. For me, bliss is not having to wear shoes – and shopping for shoes? Not fun. Just ask my daughter (who would buy a pair of shoes every day if only her wallet would cooperate and magically produce enough money for that indulgence).

Yet I seem to be continually curious about the artful renditions I come across that pay homage to women’s shoes. Perhaps specifically because they are not meant to be worn!

I find Violise Lunn’s French paper twist on the artful shoe charming.


paper shoes by violise lunn


lunn’s paper shoe

On her website, this sweet description of her passion for paper:

Finding perfect freedom in this material through sculpting figure silhouettes, angels and her favourite theme: shoes, she allows herself to play with otherwise impossible compositions. Sheer lightness and utter fragility combined with experimental reflection about what these objects represent, amounts to such almost untouchable objects, that they have instantly become collectors items.


link via Ullabenulla

turam’s glue gun chandelier

Esma Pacal Turam is well known in Turkey for life-size paper sculptures, but it is her silicone chandeliers that are lighting the way to this Istanbul-based artist’s worldwide fame. Where the paper sculptures explore relationships between people, communication and crowds, Turam’s new work in silicone takes a closer look at individuality.


hot glue chandelier

My technique is to use a hot glue gun and therefore the silicone works almost like a pencil for me. The outcome is transparent, flexible. It shimmers like crystal or glass, it is light in weight like paper and it is a direct material. Most important for me is that I can draw directly with this material. I was looking for a lace type of effect for the curtain, to be able to look at it from both sides. Silicone just clicked in as the right material for the work.


turam’s paper and silicone sculpture

In her most recent work pictured above, Turam comes full circle mixing the paper and silicone. Hard to believe the lacy figures and objects are fabricated with hot glue. Hot glue.

via ullabenulla

the paper menagerie

kyoko okubo is a mystery. her sculptures are realistic representations of a fantasy life complete with wild animals in the living room. each delicate piece, handcrafted from traditional japanese washi paper, captures the gentle expressions and loving gestures of a little girl and her menagerie. dreamy. poetic.

but who is kyoko? okubo’s collection of diminutive paper sculptures, recently on exhibit at the mobilia gallery, seem to be the only sign of the talented artist. even my super-sleuthing-ways could not uncover any other information.

the mystery continues…
kyoko okubo
link via ullabenulla

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