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john frame: the devil is in the details

I became still the moment I saw John Frame’s sculpture and video so that I could absorb the details, listen to the music, watch this master at work.


The Unanswered Question

Articulate and accomplished, the California artist’s skills and talents are numerous and noteworthy. Frame carves figures from small pieces of wood, adding found objects, sewing fabric bits for the clothing and sets a stage for the characters to come alive – almost every one of the latest collection of figures is partially or fully articulated. The level of detail in his work is a testament to what can be accomplished through dedication and drive.

Mr. R Shares A Secret

If you are an artist at a crossroads, ready to give up on your art, Frame’s story is a must read. His journey inspires and uplifts.

Waiting To Go On

“At it’s best I think art is a very high and rarified form of communication. We have it specifically so that we can deal with things for which other forms of language are either inadequate or inaccurate. ” John Frame

John Frame’s video interview

Easy to listen to, in the video above Frame explains the dream he had that led to this body of work. The sculptures are delightful to watch in motion.

Read an interview with the artist and an article about the exhibit Three Fragments of a Lost Tale.

John Frame’s website.The animation on the home page is wonderful. In addition to creating the sculptures, Frame composed the music and did the animation for his film.




john binet-fauvel’s recycled wire knits

John Binet-Fauvel has been exploring knitted sculptural forms since the 1980’s, experimenting with a variety of materials that led him to wire. He uses recycled wire from the inside of slot machines, electric motors, transformers and any other electrical wire this scrappy guy can find. Binet-Fauvel knits the sea creatures on frames that he designed, based on the Knitting Nancy spools that many of us used as children.

The tentacles on the octopus below were knitted using reclaimed copper wire from five washing machine motors. Probably the cleanest octopus you’ll ever find…

sea creatures binet-fauvel
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