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Goodbye to DAM. . .the end of an era

This post is long overdue and my emotions are mixed as I write it. Yes, it is true, I am saying a sweet goodbye to Daily Art Muse. Goodbye to my dear, old DAM. We had fun didn’t we? We saw a lot of beautiful art and learned about so many talented individuals. I have loved gathering and sharing my contemporary fine craft finds with all of you over the years, growing and evolving alongside the blog as it grew and evolved.

“Do It!” That’s what my father said to me when I told him about my idea for a blog. DAM was born in October 2006 because of his encouragement. Oh, how the time flew by, and in October 2015 DAM marked 9 years of publication. That’s also the month I stopped posting, pulled in other directions, understanding change was in the air. When life took several unexpected turns (as it often does) my thoughts turned to moving on and I leaned into this change of course.

The last several months have been full of reflecting, researching, preparing and planning a new direction, my father’s words“Do It!” so often jumping out at me as I faced the challenges of beginning something newIf he were still with us I would thank him. . .always a guiding force, even now almost a decade later.

I hope I’ve brought you some joy with my posts over the last several years, but the truth is if I hadn’t taken my father’s words to heart I am the one who would have missed out. The gift of friendships, work opportunities, learning experiences and you, my dear readers. . .all possible only because of DAM.

Damn! DAM!

Many, many thanks to all of you (several thousand strong!) for allowing me to share my aesthetic over the last several years through this curated collection of contemporary fine craft from around the world. I am sending much love and light to you as you continue on your own journey and hope you wish me well as I continue on mine.

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