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matt tommey: the weaving is the easy part

North Carolina’s Matt Tommey combines traditional techniques and rustic materials in his contemporary take on basket sculpture. The artist uses vines – glorious vines like honeysuckle, wisteria and kudzu, weaving them into basket vessels to create unusual and striking wall and fireplace mantel sculptures. Love the composition, the concept and the artistry.

Matt Tommey Sculptural Wall Hanging 2


Matt Tommey Sculptural Wall Hanging 4


Matt Tommey Sculptural Wall Hanging 3


Matt Tommey Vine Baskets


Matt Tommey Fireplace Mantel Sculptural Installation

“It has been said that all creativity happens at the edge of chaos and order… For me the chaos just happens to look like tangled, gnarly vines wrapped tightly around strangled trees and laurel, pods and cones littering the forest floor; the order like a beautiful sculptural basket that reminds me of its source. Somewhere in the middle is where the magic happens, where Creativity broods over the chaos and new life begins; beauty is born.

A simple walk through forest explodes into a symphony of possibilities; back breaking in giddy glee as I carry the treasures toward their purpose. What once was dead is now alive, that which was hated is now desired, that which had no breath suddenly heaves with hope afresh.

The weaving is the easy part; it’s seeing beauty while it’s still hidden that is the adventure. Even though these woven creations seem to simply form in the hands of their maker, as if to say it is only skill that brings them to life, it must always be remembered that every basket begins with a walk in the woods. It’s time to take a walk.”

Matt Tommey’s website

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