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tanya besedina: crisis. rebirth. evolution

On the day I marked the first anniversary of my mother’s death I received an email from Tanya Besedina about the research she did regarding our inner child for her most recent collection of work.


Tanya Besedina Dragon Girls
Dragon Girls


She had no idea the significance of the day, nor how powerfully her words spoke to me. A salve and a comfort. . .and her ethereal clay sculptures brought me peace as I considered where I am on this journey of Crisis.Rebirth.Evolution.


Tanya Besedina


Tanya Besedina 1


“Moments of crisis are always a signal that rebirth is at hand. For it is through the experience of pain, complication, and angst that we find our way to rebirth – and truth. Through crisis, old stereotypes are challenged, flaws are exposed, and as this truth is realized we witness the old way of thinking fade from our reality to be replaced by ideas that represent something new. Providing a reminder that in the end, truth prevails.  This process of crisis and rebirth leading to evolution and truth is reflected in my workCrisis. Rebirth. Evolution. New understanding and a new truth.”


Tanya Besedina Detail


Tanya Besedina, Three Sisters: Love, Hope, Faith
Three Sisters: Love, Hope and Faith


Very different from the artist’s polymer clay relief fairy tales I shared two years ago, this body of work is equally compelling, though I’m not certain if the medium is polymer or ceramic clay. Many thanks for your words, sweet Tanya – they lifted me up and carried me through a difficult day.


Tanya Besedina’s website


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