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wilma wyss mosaics

Wilma Wyss worked as a print designer for twenty years before she began creating concrete and mosaic sculptures. She calls her Pillow Series and Fluid Sculpture Series ‘visual contrivances, illusions of flimsy and fluidity and three-dimensional trompe l-oeils’.

Wilma Will Rust Easy Pillow

 Rust Easy Pillow

Wilma Wyss Tushy Cushion

Tushy Cushion

Wilma Wyss Martini Pillow

 Martini Pillow

“In my pillows, I play with associations of softness, comfort, and lightness, while simultaneously expressing the seemingly contradictory properties of hardness, discomfort, and weight.”

Wilma Wyss Going Back In Time

Going Back In Time

Wilma Wyss Awakening

Awakening: Metamorphosis of Protective Thoughts

“My experiences as a woman, wife, and mother drive my exploration of feminine themes in my artwork. I play with the meaning of familiar objects, and create space for feminine viewpoints. I am fundamentally nurturing and supportive, and I manifest these characteristics in my sculptural collages.”

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